Information for Contractors and Consultants

Proof of Insurance

The University of Waterloo requires all contractors working on campus to provide proof of insurance.

Our insurance certificate requirements are:

  1. Comprehensive General Liability Insurance Certificate to a minimum value of $5,000,000.
    NOTE: The University of Waterloo must be included as an additional insured party. This verifies the contractor’s insurance policy will cover any lawsuits issued against the University of Waterloo as a result of an accident caused by the contractor (i.e. it is understood and agreed that the University of Waterloo is added as an additional insured, but solely with respect to the operations of the named insured as described above).
  2. Owned/Leased Automobile Liability Insurance Certificate to a minimum value of $5,000,000.

NOTE: If a contractor does not provide their own General Liability & Auto Insurance documents because they have assigned a subcontractor to undertake some or all of their work on campus, they must submit the same Insurance documents from their subcontractor(s). A contractor providing their subcontractor’s auto policy only must submit the name(s) of their subcontractors and state in writing that the contractor will not be using their own vehicle(s) on campus.

The insurance certificates must include:

  • the value of the General Liability coverage ($5,000,000 minimum)
  • the value of the Auto Liability coverage ($5,000,000 minimum)
  • the policy number
  • the expiry date
  • the type of work covered (where appropriate)

MANDATORY: Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board require all contractors have up to date WSIB clearance certificates.

No contract will be issued before receipt of the certificate(s).

For more information please contact:
Karen Macedo or Denise Lachaine
Design Admin Assistants
Plant Operations, GSC
University of Waterloo
ph: 519-888-4567 x43128 or x42496
fax: 519-746-6810