Work Requests

For emergency requests, please call us directly via our 24-hour service line at 519-888-4567 ext. 43793.

All other requests (including those for routine and billable work within maintenance, grounds and custodial, as well as for design & construction) should be submitted online through Plant Operations’ Archibus Workplace Portal. Using your university credentials, the portal processes your request directly into our integrated workplace management system (Archibus), and allows you to track the status of your request after it is submitted.

Please note the following:

  • Many of our work requests are routed directly to one or more of our maintenance and operations units.  However, those that are larger, more complex, and/or requiring design review will be assigned to our Design & Construction division.  When this is the case, clients will receive a temporary Archibus Work Request number when submitting the initial request online, which will later be replaced with a new Design Work Request number as the work gets set up and assigned within the Design section.  Further communication will be sent to the client via email.
  • If the work request is being charged to a Fund 105 research account, Plant Operations will verify approval with the Research Finance Training and Compliance Team before assigning it further. 

Archibus was upgraded as of December 13, 2022. The impact to our clients is expected to be low. Watch the video below or read through the self-service guide to learn more about the changes for our clients.

Remote video URL