Grounds Services

The Dos and Don'ts of Nesting Season

Two geese kissing

As nesting season is upon us - Ground's Services has put together a list of dos and don'ts for safety during this time. 


  • Feed the geese.  This encourages them to mate and nest in the area
  • Touch the nest or the eggs…the gander will swoop and attack
  • Act threatened or timid around them
  • Turn your back
  • Run or make any threatening gesture


  • Avoid obvious areas of nesting where possible
  • Make confident eye contact
  • Back away slowly
  • In the event the goose tries to attack, remain calm, stand as tall and large as possible and protect your face and head.

If you are attacked by a goose seek medical assistance and notify Plant Operations of the exact location of the nest.  Steps will be taken by trained professionals to mitigate the danger to both the geese and individuals.  This may include barricading the area to prevent further injuries.


  • Gary Lorentz, ext. 32834
  • Les Van Dongen, ext. 84010

This area is responsible for:

  • maintaining turf conditions, horticultural areas and naturalized areas.
  • maintaining water courses and features including level control, erosion control measures, storm water pond maintenance.
  • maintaining roads and walks including repair of asphalt, concrete or interlocking surfaces, cleaning of catch basins, line painting on roadways and parking lots, snow and ice removal.
  • maintaining playing fields other than turf maintenance including field layouts, field equipment acquisition and installation.
  • maintaining waste management and recycling contract operations including day to day supervision of contractors and resolution of service modification and issues as they arise.
  • maintaining campus fleet of vehicles and equipment.

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