Guide to Services

Service Categories

Our notification service is based on subscribing to one or more of these service categories.

Category Services Included
Accessibility Any service that affects accessibility devices in a building.
Building Access Building closure, or a portion thereof.
Custodial/Environmental Limited custodial services in effect, compactor inoperative.
Electrical Electricity, emergency power.
Fire Systems Fire alarm system, sprinkler system, fire extinguishers.
Heating, Cooling, Ventilation Heating, cooling, exhaust systems (fume hoods), fan coil systems, coolers/freezers, Liebert units (in server rooms.)
Mechanical Water, steam, natural gas, compressed air, swimming pool.
Parking/Grounds Closure of parking lots, roads, and walkways.

Service Descriptions

This is a more complete list of services that fall under the categories above.

Service Name What is Affected
Building Access Full building closure or closure of an area or entrance that will change access to an area or reroute pedestrian traffic through a building.
Chilled Water Summer cooling of buildings, lab equipment.
Compressed Air Lab equipment. A full shutdown will result in the loss of temperature control.
Air Conditioning Cooling of buildings.
De-ionized water Lab equipment.
Domestic Cold Water Loss of building cold water through washrooms, kitchens and labs.
Domestic Hot Water Loss of building hot water through washrooms, kitchens and labs.
Electricity Power can be isolated to one area or affect an entire building. In this case general power, elevators, door openers, etc. will be affected. Emergency Lights will remain on.
Elevators Elevator will be out of service. Alternate routes may be necessary.
Emergency Power Emergency Power relates to generator power. These may be taken offline or run for testing. UPS devices are the responsibility of the department.
General Exhaust General exhaust will affect the building fresh air supply and building ventilation. Some fume hood and kitchen equipment may be affected.
Fan Coil System Heating and cooling not supplied through the general ventilation system. Humidity control is also affected.
Fire Alarm System Shutdown or testing of campus fire systems.
Natural Gas A natural gas interruption will affect heating and domestic hot water for buildings outside of ring road.
Low/High Pressure Steam An interruption will affect heating and domestic hot water for buildings inside ring road.
Nitrogen Gas Lab equipment.
Road Access Full or partial closure causing traffic redirection.
Soft Water System Work on soft water systems requires the shutdown of domestic hot water. Food Services equipment may also be affected.
Non-potable water Lab equipment.
Parking Lot Closure Partial or full closure.