COVID-19 Cleaning Schedule

Due to COVID-19, we have altered the cleaning frequency of many space types across campus.

Custodial Services

Space Type Inclusions/Exclusions Frequency
Offices Incudes: Interior and exterior door handle, desks and horizontal surfaces and ledges IF CLEARED, telephone, chair arm rests, light switch, meeting table, glass, spot cleaning on walls, cleansing of garbage can
Excludes: all electronic equipment computer, printer, photocopier, keyboards, personal belongings
Lecture halls/theatres Not covered at this time
Labs Not covered at this time
Bathrooms Includes: all high touch surfaces e.g. door handles, light switch, flush, taps and washbasins, toilet, replenishing of supplies, spot cleaning on walls Daily
Main lobbies Includes: Refilling Plant Ops owned alcohol gel dispensers, elevator buttons, door push plates, light switches, glass, hand rails, spot cleaning on walls, public telephones, stairs, entrance ways, seating areas and tables, counters, water fountains
Excludes: office door handles, lockers electronic equipment, non-plant ops owned alcohol gel dispensers
General reception areas Includes: All high touch surfaces, ledges, glass, phones
Excludes: photocopiers, mailroom slots, personal desk spaces, filing cabinets, computer keyboards
Hallways Includes: all high touch surfaces, elevator buttons, door push plates, light switches, glass, hand rails, spot cleaning on walls, public telephones, glass panels, seating areas and tables, water fountains
Excludes: office door handles, lockers, electronic equipment
Boardrooms/meeting rooms Includes: high touch surfaces like meeting room tables, table edge, door handles, light switch, chair arm rest Daily
Patient waiting areas/clinics Includes: All high touch surfaces Daily
Food court/Cafeteria Includes: Tables, Seating Daily
Library Not covered at this time
Except for: main entrance, lobby, hallways, washrooms, offices, and cafeteria if any (frequency as listed)
Gym Not covered at this time
Swimming pool deck Not covered at this time
Change rooms, shower rooms Medical buildings & GSC Daily
All others
*Lower priority at this time
Student lounges Includes high touch surfaces, counters and horizontal surfaces
Excludes: kettle, microwave, soft seating
Kitchens Includes: table & chairs, counter tops, sink and taps, cupboard door fronts and handles
Excludes: microwaves, toaster ovens, dishwashers, used utensils and crockery, kettles
Stairwells Handrails, glass, door push plates/handles Daily
Stairs As required
-minimum weekly
Elevators Push buttons inside, handrails, call buttons outside Daily
Floor care
(e.g. vacuuming, scrubbing, polishing)
Main lobbies and hallways, washrooms, food courts, patient waiting areas, and patient treatment areas Daily
All other public areas
*Lower priority at this time
Office areas Biweekly
Central Plant Entrance, manager office, control room, lunchroom, washroom Twice daily
at shift change

Waste Management

Space Type Inclusions/Exclusions Frequency
Public spaces Garbage, recycling, cardboard, paper, organics streams As required
minimum weekly, if utilized
Office areas Garbage stream only Biweekly, concurrent with office cleansing

Green Office Silver Certification