Guidelines for the Installation of Outdoor Banners and Temporary Signs

The University is committed to achieving high standards in the appearance of its campuses and its buildings. To support this goal, the proliferation of outdoor banners and temporary signs is generally discouraged. These guidelines outline the criteria when outdoor banners and temporary signs will be permitted.

Exception criteria

Exceptions will be administered by Plant Operations in consultation with the President’s Advisory Committee on Design. Outdoor banners and temporary signs may be permitted for:

  1. a significant University wide event, not relating to one area of interest, faculty or department (i.e. Convocation, United Way, Keystone)
  2. an opening or special anniversary of a University facility, department, faculty (i.e. 50th Anniversary of the University)
  3. activities relating to orientation approved by the University and the Federation of Students or the Graduate Students Association (i.e. Math pink-tie)

Content, size and location

There will be no commercial content on the banner/sign. Any questions regarding the appropriateness of the messaging will be referred to senior staff from the requesting Department. The size of the banner or temporary outdoor sign and its location will be determined in consultation with Plant Operations. As much as possible, banners and temporary signs should use locations equipped with pre-existing hardware and appropriate access.


Banners and temporary outdoor signage will be of limited duration corresponding to the event or activity being promoted. In any event, it should not be installed for a period exceeding 3 months.


Sufficient lead time is required to arrange for the installation of any required hardware and/or the banner/sign. Generally, at least 2 weeks lead time is required.

Installation costs

All costs of installation including rental of elevating device, hardware, labour, etc. will be charged to the requesting department. A work request is required.

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