Common PD course processes

There are several common on-campus processes that can affect standard student enrolment in PD courses. Some of these include co-op sequence changes, admissions and withdrawals from co-op, and withdrawals from the University, all of which need to be processed through both Quest and WaterlooWorks in order to trickle down to PD course enrolment. 

We use reports from WaterlooWorks to auto-enrol students in compulsory courses. We also use reports from Quest to identify students who aren't enrolling in PD courses according to their sequence, and to find students who might not be falling within certain guidelines (e.g. enrolled in more than one PD course). Students may be added to, or removed from, PD courses according to these reports. They may also be contacted by our office, and/or their advisor might be contacted for more information. 

These reports can be run at any time during the administrative process of co-op sequence changes or plan modifications, which may explain why students are added/removed from PD course contrary to requested changes. 

Since it can take weeks, or even months, for information to update in WaterlooWorks and Quest, please proactively let us know of any submitted co-op sequence changes, plan modifications, or withdrawals. This helps us ensure that students take PD courses according to their updated sequence or plan. You can do so by contacting Joy Harris at