How to refer students to us

It's easy to refer students to WIL Programs if they have questions, comments, or concerns about the program: 

  • We offer face-to-face advising appointments through the Centre in Needles Hall. Students are welcome to drop in or schedule an appointment in advance through Portal. (Availability varies depending on the term, but students are only be able to book us during available hours through Portal.) Staff members conducting advising appointments are able to address concerns regarding both WatPD for co-op students and EDGE. Face-to-face advising has been indefinitely suspended due to COVID-19.
  • All co-op student inquiries can be referred to, and inquiries about EDGE can be referred to If a student is enrolled in a PD course and has a question or issue regarding the course itself, they can be referred to the course's email account. All PD course email addresses follow the format 
  • If students are looking for an anonymous feedback option, we offer feedback forms on both the WatPD and EDGE websites