PD13: Research in the Workplace

PD13: Research in the Workplace introduces students to the importance of research across disciplines and workplaces. There's more to research than doing a few tests and writing about what happened: you have to review other work in the field and understand its consequences, conduct your own research in a responsible way, and share your findings with audiences who may not understand your work. You'll also likely work with researchers from other disciplines who'll enrich your work with their expertise and alternative perspectives. Research literacy is also critical for anyone interested in reading about groundbreaking studies in newspapers and online. PD13 gives students the tools they need to perform their own research and critically consume the work done by others. 

What do PD13 students do?

  • Design an infographic for a broad audience to communicate the results of a peer-reviewed research article
  • Apply the Responsible Conduct of Research framework
  • Critically evaluate research to determine validity of sources and practices

Student Testimonials

  • "The professor was very helpful and kept connected throughout the term. The explanations in the lectures were clear and fully explained why the information would be useful to me. The units before quizzes linking the content to real life scenarios was very helpful in helping me understand. Additionally, the assignments were not all just writeups which made the course better."
  • [Strengths of this course were] "the quality of assignments and the feedback presented. The practical, self-lead type of assignment was much more effective than a quiz or essay might have been. I feel like I'm leaving with some experience in defining a research problem, and with knowledge of how to begin the research process."

Course instructor

Zara Rafferty

zara rafferty

Zara is a continuing lecturer in the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies at the University of Waterloo. As an instructor, she promotes active student learning that emphasizes learning outcomes and instructional design best practices. Zara has developed and delivered courses in face-to-face, blended, and fully online environments, ranging from small senior seminars to 350-student lectures. Zara's aim is to create courses that are engaging and relevant for students. As the department’s Teaching Mentor, she supports the work of department sessionals and assists faculty members in developing and evaluating course content and teaching strategies.

Contact information

You can reach the PD13 course team at pd13@uwaterloo.ca.