PD9: Ethical Decision Making

PD9: Ethical Decision Making introduces students to the complex concepts underpinning ethical behaviour in the workplace. How can you make “good” decisions when you’re facing intense pressure from competitors and peers? Does trying to make a profit make you greedy? Students who take PD9 learn to answer these questions and more by working through games, discussion questions, and reflective activities.

What do PD9 students do?

  • Explore ethical concepts like self-interest, moral hazard, and the fixed-pie fallacy
  • Reflect on their personal views and their significance in the workplace
  • Learn how to navigate workplace ethical disputes

If you've completed PD9 and want to feature the course on your résumé, you're welcome to use and adapt the following bullet points in a "Professional Development" or "Relevant Courses" section:

  • Learned about ethical considerations of an organization and the public in order to act in best interests of each
  • Reviewed ethical considerations such as strategic cooperation/social action problems/moral hazards through decision-making simulations
  • Developed a working knowledge of the ethical guidelines governing academia and professional bodies, including the ability to recognize personal responsibility in individual and group contexts
  • Recognized how best to work together in team settings by avoiding fixed-pie thinking

How are PD9 students graded?

PD9 students complete a series of games, reflective activities, and assignments over the course of the term. To pass the course, students must earn an overall grade of 50% or higher. Students must also earn a grade of 50% or higher on the final assignment to earn their credit. Students can deepen their learning by completing a bonus assignment worth 5% during the term.

If you have a question about grading in PD9, contact the course team using the information in the sidebar.


PD9’s instructor is Dr. Greg Andres, a lecturer in the department of Philosophy at the University of Waterloo.


PD9 is offered during the Fall and Spring terms.

Enrolment information

PD9 is an elective PD course for students in all faculties. Students must enrol themselves in the course using Quest.

Contact information

Course team: pd9@uwaterloo.ca

ISC: Noor Al Jalam  naljalam@uwaterloo.ca