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Sue Horton

Professor and CIGI Chair in Global Health Economics


BA Economics (1977, Cambridge University)

MA Economics (1981, Harvard University)

PhD Economics (1982, Harvard University)

Contact information

Office: LHN 2714

Phone: (519) 888-4567 


Sue Horton

Teaching interests

Economics of public health, health policy, international health

Research interests

My current research focuses on economic aspects of health and nutrition internationally.  This includes cost-effectiveness, cost, and prioritization of interventions of many kinds.  I have particular expertise in micronutrients, undernutrition, the double-burden of nutrition, but also a wide range of other interventions.  I have a current project on the cost-effectiveness of walk-in counselling services in Ontario, an area where little previous research exists.  

Selected publications

  • Sartori, D., G.J. Casey, S.E. Horton, R.Q. Phuc, L.B.Phu, D.T. Thach, R.C. Dai, G. Fattore, A. Montresor, B.A. Biggs.  Cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit of a deworming and weekly iron supplementation programme in women of reproductive age in Vietnam.  PLoS ONE 6(9):e23723, 2011. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0023723.

  • S. Horton, A. Wesley and V. Mannar.  Double-fortified salt reduces anemia, benefit:cost ratio is modestly favourable.  Food Policy, 2011, doi:10,1016/j.foodpol.2011.06.002
  • S. Horton and A. Miloff.  Iodine status and availability of iodized salt: an across-country analysis.  Food and Nutrition Bulletin 31(2): 214-220, 2010
  • S. Horton, M. Shekar, C. McDonald and A. Mahal.  Scaling-up nutrition: what will it cost?  Washington DC: World Bank Directions in Development, 2009

  • A.Hall, S. Horton and N. de Silva.  The costs and cost-effectiveness of mass treatment for intestinal nematode worm infections using different treatment thresholds.  Public Library of Science: Neglected Diseases, March 3(3), 2009
  • Brown, K.H., S.Y. Hess, E. Boy, R.S. Gibson, S. Horton, S.J.Osendarp, F. Sempertegui, R. Shrimpton and I. Rudan.  Setting priorities for zinc-related health research to reduce children’s disease burden worldwide: an application of the CHNRI research priority-setting method.  Public Health Nutrition 22:1-8, 2008
  • S. Horton.  High aspirations: differences in employee satisfaction between university faculty and staff.  Applied Research in Quality of Life, 1:315-322, 2006
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  • S. Horton, H. Alderman and J Rivera D.  Copenhagen Consensus 2009 Challenge Paper: Hunger and Malnutrition.Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.  Available at Copenhagen Consensus Center.
  • Essaji, A. and S. Horton.  Silent Escalation: Salaries of senior university administrators in Ontario, 1996-2006.  Forthcoming, Higher Education.
  • S. Horton.  The 1974 and 2008 food price crises: déjà vu?  Forthcoming in J. Clapp and M. Cohen (eds.) The Global Food Crisis: Governance challenges and opportunities.  Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier Press, 2009.
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  • Black, R.E., H. Alderman, Z.A. Bhutta, S. Gillespie, L. Haddad, S. Horton, A.Lartey, V. Mannar, M. Ruel, C. G. Victora, S. P. Walker, P. Webb, Maternal and Child Nutrition Study Group members.  Maternal and child nutrition: building momentum for impact.  Lancet 382 (9890): 272-375, 2013.

  • S. Horton, C.A. Stalker, C-A Cait and L. Josling.  Sustaining walk-in counseling services.  Healthcare Quarterly 15(3): 44-49, 2013.

  • Stalker, C.A., S. Horton and C-A Cait.  Single session therapy in  a walk-in counselling clinic: a pilot study   Journal of Systematic Therapies 31(1):38-52, 2012.

  • S. Horton and R.H. Steckel.  Global economic losses attributable to malnutrition 1900-2000 and projections to 2050.  Forthcoming in B. Lomborg (ed.)  The way the world is: past, present and future global challenges.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

  • Stalker, C.A.,Riemer, M.,  Cait, C.A., Horton, S., Booton, J., Josling, L., Bedggood, J. and M. Zaczek.  2015. A Comparison of walk-in Counselling and the waitlist model for delivering counselling services, Journal of Mental Health, DOI: 10.3109/09638237.2015.1101417.

  • Gelband, H., P. Jha, R. Sankaranarayanan, C. Gauvreau, S. Horton and the DCP3Cancer Author Group.  Cancer:  Key messages from Disease Control Priorities, 3rd edition.  The Lancet, published online Nov 11 2015
University of Waterloo