School of Public Health Sciences faculty by area of focus:

  • Chronic disease prevention and management  - Interdisciplinary research to analyse and improve national and international health policies and regulations of chronic disease through understanding and altering social, economic, political, and cultural determinants.
  • Food and water safety, security and governance - Examining the global health impact of food and water safety and security through epidemiology of food and waterborne disease, nutrition management, and medical geography.
  • Global health  - Examining how globalizing processes impact economic development, health, healthcare, and education.
  • Health and aging  - Integrative approach to the biological, psychological, social, and environmental determinants of health and wellness focused on the life-course trajectory of aging in individuals. 
  • Health and environment  - Investigating the impacts of the built environment, environmental degradation, urbanization, and globalisation on population health.
  • Health informatics - Health sciences and information technology converge to support and improve the status of individual and community health.
  • Health neuroscience and cognitive epidemiologyExamining reciprocal relationships between lifestyle, lifespan development, and sociodemographic factors and brain health on the level of whole populations.
  • Health policy and health systems - Investigating and evaluating health care systems and improving their integration and efficiency through the design of diagnostics, treatment, and analytic and assessment tools.
  • Healthy workplaces - Examining occupational health and safety risks and designing interventions to improve health and wellness in the workplace and develop more effective safety management systems.
  • Faculty members cross-appointed with School of Public Health Sciences