Oral presentations

Oral Presentations Program

Oral presentations will be a maximum of eight minutes followed by a two minute question and answer period.

See below for the oral presentations for this year's conference.

9:00 to 10:30 a.m.

Title Authors
U-IAS: Harnessing Big Data to Combat Health Misinformation on Social Media  Irfhana Zakir Hussain (Presenting author), Matheus Lotto, Navneet Kaur, Jasleen Kaur, Arlene Oetomo, Plinio Morita  
Adverse outcomes of cannabis use in Canada, before and after legalization of non-medical cannabis: cross-sectional analysis of the International Cannabis Policy Study  Anastasia Marquette (Presenting author), Maryam Iraniparast, David Hammond 
Social Isolation vs. Loneliness: Individual and Combined Impacts on Memory  Ji Won Kang (Presenting author), Mark Oremus, Suzanne Tyas, Joel Dubin, Charity Oga-Omenka 
Retention among Healthcare Professionals: A Comparative Scoping Review of professional needs across career stages  Tithi Joshi (Presenting author), Nabeel J. Chudasama, Elena Neiterman 
Depressive symptoms as a mediator of the association between functional social support and executive function: A moderated mediation analysis in the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging Comprehensive Cohort Laura Lupoi (Presenting author), Mark Oremus, Colleen J. Maxwell, Suzanne L. Tyas 
Investigating unsupervised topic modelling using Large Language Models (LLMs)  Amandeep Kaur (Presenting author), James Wallace 

1:45 to 3:00 p.m.

Title Authors
Informing efforts beyond tailored promotional campaigns by understanding contextual factors shaping vaccine hesitancy among equity-deserving populations in Canada: an exploratory qualitative study  Helena G. Nascimento (Presenting author), Ève Dubé, Kathleen E. Burns, Patrick Brown, Michael Calnan, Paul R. Ward, Eric Filice, Hoda Herati, Nnenna A. U. Ike, Bobbi Rotolo & Samantha B. Meyer 
Leveraging a practicum to aid future career planning Alyssa Milano (Presenting author), Sharon Kirkpatrick, Jennifer Vena 
The role of emotional/informational social support on mental health and coping behaviours in caregivers: Results from COVID-19 and Caregivers of Assisted living Residents - their Experiences and Support (COVCARES-AB/BC)  Emily C. Rutter (Presenting author), Colleen J. Maxwell, Joseph E. Amuah, Matthias Hoben, Suzanne L. Tyas 
Understanding Issues of Supporting Elderly Parents Aging in Place: A Topic-Guided Thematic Analysis of r/AgingParents  Leila Homaeian (Presenting author), Vanessa Duong, Kaitlyn Li, James R. Wallace, Keiko Katsuragawa 
Building the consumer profile of the meal kit user: findings from the International Food Policy Study  Kimberly D'Mello (Presenting author), Liza BoyarChristine M. White, David Hammond 
Exploring the relationship between marital quality and cognitive function: A systematic review  Paniz Haghighi (Presenting author), Emma A.L. Littler, Dane Mauer-Vakil, Michaella Miller, Mark Oremus 

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