Oral presentations

Check back after March 8 for the 2024 list of oral presentations.

Oral presentations will be a maximum of eight minutes followed by a two minute question and answer period.

See below for the oral presentations from last year's conference:

9:00 to 10:30 a.m.

Title Authors
Body weight perceptions among youth from six countries and associations with social media use: Findings from the International Food Policy Study Karen Hock (Presenting author), Lana Vanderlee, Christine M. White, David Hammond
COVID-19 'Infodemic' Management: Russia's Geopolitical Influence Instrument Halyna Padalko (Presenting author), Plinio Morita
Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on population-level behavioural changes: An IoT based study in USA Jasleen Kaur (Presenting author), Kirti Sundar Sahu, Arlene Oetomo, Vivek Chauhan, Plinio Morita
Monitoring food affordability in Ontario: assessing the reliability and validity of a new online Nutritious Food Basket Liza Boyar (Presenting author), Ellis Lakhani, Ivan Ho, Bridget King, Lauren Kennedy, Mary Ellen Prange, Daniel Harrington, Rachel Prowse
Rationale for Use of Adapted or Modified Methods with People with Dementia in Research: A Scoping Review Emma Conway (Presenting author), Ellen MacEachen, Laura Middleton, Carrie McAiney
Role of an Environmental Health Officer in response to COVID-19 at long term care sites Judy Tung (Presenting author)
Increased odds to new HIV infections among babies that were non-exposed but breastfeeding infants at birth, January 2018 to June 2022, Western province Zambia: A case series Douglas Singini (Presenting author), Craig R. Janes

1:30 to 3:00 p.m.

Title Authors
A longitudinal study of the combined effects of social isolation and loneliness on memory Ji Won Kang (Presenting author), Mark Oremus, Suzanne Tyas, Joel Dubin, Charity Oga-Omenka
Indoor temperature in Canadian heat health warning systems: Deployment of a real-time indoor temperature data ecosystem with community housing and local health partners Arlene Oetomo (Presenting author), Jasleen Kaur, Kang Wang, Zahid Butt, Peter Berry, Plinio Morita
Perceived social support subtypes mediate the association between depressive symptoms and executive function in women aged 75 and over in the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (CLSA) Emily C. Rutter (Presenting author), Anita Iacono, Carrie L. Shorey, Mark Oremus, Colleen J. Maxwell, Suzanne L. Tyas
Nicotine content and flavours of e-liquids in Canada: a scan of the online retail market from 2020-2021 Kimberly D'Mello (Presenting author), David Hammond, Syed Mahamad, Danielle Wiggers, Katherine East
A research protocol for the development of mental health care quality indicators for youth with bipolar disorder  Dane Mauer-Vakil (Presenting author), Chris Perlman
Mental Health Service Use Among Children and Youth with Physical-Mental Multimorbidity Lauren Gosse (Presenting author), Mark Ferro
Needs Assessment Report: Exploring the Wellness Needs of ICU Staff Patil Mksyartinian (Presenting author)

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