Poster presentations

See below for the graduate and post-doctoral posters (printed and online) and undergraduate thesis posters (printed). 

Graduate and post-doctoral poster presentations (printed in-person)

Title Authors
An appreciative inquiry on the impacts of land-based learning within an urban Indigenous community   Danica Bui
Hair cortisol concentration and psychopathology among children with a chronic physical illness  Emma A.L. Littler, Zahid A. Butt, Andrea Gonzalez, & Mark A. Ferro 
rTMS for post-COVID-19 Condition in Older Adults: A Randomized Controlled Study  Taronish J. Kotwall, Peter A. Hall 
Prolonging the work ability of aging physical workers in the Ontario manufacturing industry with a gendered analytic lens  Abbey Davis, Ellen MacEachen 
Examining the illicit use of prescription painkillers among Canadian university students  Sanewal Singh., Samantha Meyer  
Artificial intelligence and public health: a primer for public health scientists   Navreet Singh, Abel Torres-Espin, Sharon Kirkpatrick  
Breaking barriers: Enhancing prenatal and postpartum mental health support for South Asian women from the Greater Toronto Area  Tanveer K. Randhawa, Jothi Khaira, Alyssa Madhani, Kanika Sarwal 
The Association between Social Isolation, Functional Social Support, and Memory in Middle-Aged and Older Adults: A Moderated Mediation Analysis of the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging   Nicole Endresz, Colleen J. Maxwell, Suzanne L. Tyas, Mark Oremus 
The interplay between early-life cognitive stimuli and genetics on cognitive reserve: findings from the Nun Study Michelle Vuong, Suzanne L. Tyas 
Longitudinal study of the onset of physical-mental multimorbidity in children with chronic physical illness  Melissa Elgie, Dillon T. Browne, Jennifer Yessis, Mark A. Ferro  
Community-based gamification research for supporting women and children experiencing homelessness  Veen Wong, Greta James, James R. Wallace, Cayley MacArthur 
Improving evaluation capacity for the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Nursing Mentorship Program  Karolina Kaminska, Sarah Sousa, Kimberly Lawrence, Tracey DasGupta, Laura Rashleigh 
Estimating exposure to low- and no-calorie sweeteners using Canada’s national food composition database: a proposed classification system to inform nutrition policy   Lesley Andrade; Isabelle Rondeau; Allison C. Sylvetsky; Sanaa Hussain; Navreet Singh; Michael P. Wallace; Kevin W. Dodd; Sharon I. Kirkpatrick 
Pathways of underemployment: the case of skilled Arab immigrants  Yasmeen Almomani 
Comparison of indicators of dependence for vaping and smoking: Trends between 2017 and 2022 among youth in Canada, England and the United States  Makenna N Gomes, BHSc, Jessica L Reid, MSc, Vicki L Rynard, MSc, Katherine A East, PhD, Maciej L. Goniewicz, PhD, PharmD, Megan E. Piper, PhD, David Hammond, PhD 
Use of flavored cannabis vaping products in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand: Findings from the International Cannabis Policy Study Wave 4 (2021)  Kimberly D’Mello, Gary C.K. Chan, Wayne Hall, Marta Rychert, Chris Wilkins, and David Hammond 
Modifiable behavioural factors and their association with depression and anxiety in Canadian undergraduate post-secondary students  Sandra Gibson, Dr. Scott Leatherdale, Dr. Luke Potwarka, Dr. Adam Cole 
Estimating the proportion of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli cases who develop hemolytic uremic syndrome and end-stage renal disease: an ongoing systematic review and meta-analysis Udani De Silva, Antonela Ilic, Jacob Hammond, Ashvini Gulasingnam, Kanika Sarwal, Mark Oremus, Zahid A. Butt, and Shannon E. Majowicz
Perceived differential parenting and childhood physical-mental multimorbidity Christopher J. Barclay; Mark A. Ferro 
Creative-Movement Program for Caregiver Resilience: Intervention Design and Implementation   Eden Rose Champagne 
"The more we keep our experiences tucked away, the more room there is for supports to be poor": (Re)constructing the journeys of people who have experienced abortion care in Ontario  Kathleen Slofstra

Graduate and post-doctoral posters (virtual poster presentation)

Title Authors
Investigating the relationship between staffing structures, working conditions, and quality of care in Ontario Long-Term Care Homes  Michaella Miller, Ellen MacEachen 
Occupational Health & Safety Measures in Healthcare Settings during COVID-19   Isra Ahmad
Examining the association between memory, functional social support, and depressive symptoms: A longitudinal mediation analysis of the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging Ifunanya Modebelu, Colleen Maxwell, Mark Oremus
Evaluating the impact of an online educational tool for fostering constructive dialogue in the classroom   Dane Mauer-Vakil, Kelly Anthony 
Illicit Tobacco in Canada Eluding Policy Solutions: Wicked Problem? Policy Failure? A Comparison of Ontario and Quebec  Dane Mauer-Vakil, Robert Schwartz 
Impact of the sugar-sweetened beverage tax among adults in Newfoundland & Labrador: a comparison with other Canadian provinces in 2021 and 2022  Karen Hock, Lana Vanderlee, Christine White, Gary Sacks, Martin White, David Hammond 
Does functional social support mediate the association between anxiety and executive function in middle-aged and older adults? An analysis of the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging  Cindy Wang, Mark Oremus, Nancy E. Newall, Suzanne L. Tyas 
Evaluation of the Capacity Building Model for the Power Up Program: A Mixed Methods Study  Melvin C. Chen, David Larose, Dr. Vicky Drapeau, Dr. Chris Perlman, Dr. Troy Glover, Dr. Jennifer Yessis 
What would your friends do? Attitudes and beliefs towards alcohol and cannabis impaired driving among university students  Ava Kucera, Dr. Bruce McKay 

Undergraduate poster presentations

Title Student Supervisor(s)
Impacts and Experiences of Implementing a Person-Centred Care Program in Long-Term Care Kavishka Abeywickrama Carrie McAiney
How does the usefulness of synthetic health data compare to actual health data? Faiq Ahmad Helen Chen
Lived Experience and Mental Health Services Zana Berisha Warren Dodd
Assessing the relation between low cerebral blood flow, CSF tau and CSF AB: a retrospective analysis of ADNI 2 data Abu Bakar Butt Anish Kapadia
Analysis of Nutrition Misinformation on Social Media: A Study of Prevalence and Public Sentiment Lisa Chen Jasleen Kaur
A Secondary Analysis of the Association Between Parental Indoor Smoking and the Prevalence of Childhood Asthma in Children Between the Ages of 0-11 Years During the COVID-19 Pandemic in the United States Evan Cummings Annalise Ferro
The Role of Therapeutic Justice: Evaluating the Region of Waterloo Drug Treatment Court Nina Doad Jennifer Yessis
Truck Driver Health Promotion Using Wearable Technology Thianna Edwards Phil Bigelow
Assessing arousal to explain changes in emotional walking Francis Ashley Fernandes Kaylena Ehgoetz Martens
Exploring Ultrasonography for Comprehensive Skeletal Muscle Composition Assessment Across Alternative Anatomical Sites Ciandra Greene Marina Mourtzakis
Exploring the Factors that Impact Provider Experience While Caring for Pregnant People Who Use Substances Magda Kalff-Duschenes Geoff Bardwell
Exploring the Factors that Improve Provider Experience While Caring for Pregnant People Who Use Substances Christina Mac Kelly Anthony
Exploring Sleep in Individuals Living with Parkinson's Disease in a Free-Living Environment Using Wearable Sensor Technologies Krisha Malik Bill McIlroy
Exploring Drivers of Alcohol Use Among Sexual Minority Women: A Scoping Review Anna Martin Geoff Bardwell
Exploring interventions used to improve antimicrobial prescribing and dispensing practices in low- and middle-income countries Kayla McCalla Charity Oga-Omenka
Exploring perceptions and experiences with mental health diversion through semi-structures interviews Megan McKinnon Kelly Anthony
Examining the outcomes and impacts of knowledge mobilization initiatives in food sovereignty and climate change research in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, Canada Maya Morton Ninomiya Kelly Skinner
Mental health transitions of secondary-school students Sukhmeet Oshan Scott Leatherdale
COVID-19 Effects on Mental Health and Service Provision on Children with Chronic Physical Illness (CPI) and their Families: The MY LIFE Experience Reese Parks Mark Ferro
Exploring The Impact of Lifestyle and Psychosocial Interventions on the Mental Health and Well-Being of Patients with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: A Scoping Review Meera Parthipan Jennifer Yessis
A prospective study of food insecurity and emotional regulation in a cohort of Canadian youth Ava Pollinzi Karen Patte; Scott Leatherdale
Magic mushrooms on the mind: Exploring the frequencies and predictors of Psilocybin use among Canadian youth Sierra Radovini Scott Leatherdale
Southern Ontario Rest Area Shortage and Associated Health Risks Ziba Raheemi Phil Bigelow
Examining the role and process of a community-led partnership to address mental health and substance use in the Region of Waterloo Kobisha Rajeswaran Warren Dodd
Understanding the Experiences of Informal Caregivers for Older Adults on Waitlists to Access Specialized Geriatric Services Samar Riaz George Heckman
Usability and reliability of the digital Alberta Rating Index for Apps (ARIA) Emily Rutledge Lili Liu; Antonio Miguel-Cruz
Attention Capture in Vape PSAs Sarah Shahid Peter Hall
Do Plant-based Burgers Contain Healthier Fats than Meat-based Burgers? Grady Smith Ken Stark
Exploring the experiences of Ontario post-secondary students with the emergency contraception pill Kathleen Szajbely Elena Neiterman
The effect of stress hormones on the expression of AMPA receptor proteins in rat brain slices Janvi Tamakuwala John Mielke
Exploring Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and Mental Health in Northwestern Ontario Claire Thiessen Zahid Butt
Investigating the association between household food insecurity and sociodemographic, economic, and academic-related characteristics in Ontario post-secondary students Megan Tramble Sharon Kirkpatrick
Key-informant consultations to guide development of usable case scenarios involving dementia-related missing incidents Vanessa Vahedi Lili Liu & Antonio Miguel Cruz
A Neighborhood Assessment Tool: Evaluating Youth Mental Health Support within the Urban Environment  Marniesa Vassel Leia Minaker
Exploring Narrative Interventions Promoting Women's Autonomy in Healthcare in Low- and Middle-Income Countries Gurnoor Kaur Walia Charity Oga-Omenka
The Potential for Sustainable Food In Healthcare to Promote Human and Planetary Health: Proposal for a Grey Literature Scoping Review Lisa Blank Sharon Kirkpatrick

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