Postdoctoral fellows and graduate posters: Video presentations

Presentations will play at two locations in the Health Expansion Foyer from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and in the Sunlife Auditorium during the conference lunch break on Thursday, March 30, 2023.

Title Authors
Legal and ethical issues in using alert systems to locate missing older adults with dementia Adebusola Adekoya, Christine Daum, Antonio Miguel-Cruz, Lili Liu
Occupational Health and Safety Measures in Healthcare Settings during COVID-19: Strategies for Protecting Staff, Patients and Visitors Isra Ahmad and Ernest Osei
Examining the Application and Use of the Baby-Friendly Initiative within Rural and Urban health facilities in Canada among Indigenous Mothers Meagan Bacciaglia, Hannah Tait Neufeld
Exploring data governance along the continuum of care for Active Assisted Living technologies Gaya Bin Noon, Thoko Phiri, Laura Xavier Fadrique, Jennifer Teague, Plinio Morita
Does Social Position within a Group of Laboratory Rats Affect their Learning and Memory? Charithe J. Bonifacio, John G. Mielke
Community resource guides for people living with dementia and their care partners: A grey literature review Isabella Chawrun, Busola Adeyoka, Cathy Conway, Lili Liu
Evaluation of the Capacity Building Model for the Power Up Program: A Mixed Methods Study Melvin C. Chen, David Larose, Vicky Drapeau, Chris Perlman, Troy Glover, Jennifer Yessis
Climate action through public health education & training in the European Region Tara Chen
Does the Russian war in Ukraine affect the COVID-19 dynamics in Canada: the simulation study Dmytro Chumachenko
Changing work arrangements and policy misalignment: The case of coworking businesses during the COVID-19 crises Meghan Crouch, Ellen MacEachen, Elena Neiterman, and Jen Whitson
Effectiveness of anti-malarial chemoprophylaxis in preventing malaria infection among deployed military personnel: A systematic review and narrative synthesis  Udani De Silva, Shivani Karanwal, Niall Anderson
Depressive symptom trajectories among parents of children with a physical illness Gurkiran K. Dhuga, Scott T. Leatherdale, Jennifer Yessis, Mark A. Ferro
Trajectories of psychopathology and mental health service use among youth with physical illness Megan Dol, Chris Perlman, Dillon Browne, Mark Ferro
The perceptions about mental health amongst medical students and instructors in Libya: A qualitative study Nada El-abbar, Jennifer Yessis, Elena Neiterman, Hannah Neufeld, Taleb El-Roey, Lujain Elshakei
Examining the relationship and trajectories of parent and child mental illness in children with chronic psychical illness Melissa Elgie, Dillon T. Browne, Jennifer Yessis, Mark A. Ferro
The Association between Social Isolation, Functional Social Support, and Memory in Middle-Aged and Older Adults: A Moderated Mediation Analysis of the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging Nicole Endresz, Colleen Maxwell, Suzanne Tyas, Mark Oremus
Dementia Dastan: Exploring the Experiences of People Living with Dementia and their Care Partners in the Canadian South Asian Community Navjot Gill and George Heckman
Examining the Association between Functional Social Support, Marital Status, and Memory: Protocol for a Mixed Methods Study Paniz Haghighi, Suzanne L. Tyas, Leilei Zeng, and Mark Oremus
LIVING the Dementia Journey for Young Adults (E-Learning Course) Courtney Hicks, Dana Zummach, Christine Pellegrino, Carrie McAiney, Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program (MAREP), Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging
Evaluating construct validity of a multi-dimensional measure of Food Literacy (FLit) among post-secondary students Martin Holmes, Mona Qutub, Sanaa Hussain, Elsie Azevedo Perry, Heather Thomas, Lauren Kennedy, Ruby Samra, Shannon Edmonstone, Lucy Valleau, Edward A. Frongillo, Heather H. Keller, Helen A. Vidgen, Sharon I. Kirkpatrick
The social life of data: A study of routine health data from conception to application in Western Province, Zambia Na-Mee Lee
Do depressive symptoms mediate the association between perceived social support and executive function? A moderated mediation analysis in the CLSA Laura Lupoi, Mark Oremus, Colleen J. Maxwell, Suzanne L. Tyas
Is diet quality among adults in Canada changing over time? Alyssa Milano, Kevin Dodd, Michael Wallace, Joel Dubin, David Hammond, Sharon Kirkpatrick
The Association between Religious Participation, Depression and Memory in Middle-Aged and Older Adults: A Moderated Mediation Analysis of the Canadian Longitudinal Study of Aging Bonita Nath, Mark Oremus, Yeying Zhu, Colleen Maxwell, Charity Oga-Omenka
Examining youth experiences of food insecurity in Canada in 2020 to support the implementation of targeted solutions Alexandra Pepetone, Edward A. Frongillo, Kevin W. Dodd, Michael P. Wallace, Lana Vanderlee, Joel A. Dubin, Warren Dodd, David Hammond, Sharon I. Kirkpatrick
Using data to characterize missing incidents involving persons living with dementia Hector Perez, Christine Daum, Lili Liu, Antonio Miguel-Cruz
Does early-life adversity leave a lasting impression on the hippocampus? Cuong T. Phan, Saeideh D. Dowlatabadi, John G. Mielke
Beyond the Physical: A Qualitative Study on the State of Mental Health Services for Medically Ill Patients in Ontario Emma Scott, Matthew Kelsey, Dr. Susan Abbey
Health promotion in the workplace during COVID-19: A scoping review  Tasha Shields, Robert Larsson, and Phil Bigelow
Mobile Public Health: The use of an application to predict stress in a population Pedro Elkind Velmovitsky, Matheus Lotto, Paulo Alencar, Scott Leatherdale, Donald Cowan, Plinio Pelegrini Morita
The association between alcohol consumption and occurrence of sexual assault in Canadian university students: An exploratory study Michelle Vuong, Sanewal Singh
A Pilot Study on Evaluating Relationship Between Steps and Motion in A Smart Home Environment Kang Wang, Shi Cao, Plinio Morita
Feature Engineering to Improve Human Activity Recognition Performance in Ambient Assisted Living Kang Wang, Himalaya Sharma, Shi Cao, Plinio Morita

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