Our actions

The Task Force is organized into four working groups, with representation from faculty, staff, and students. Their fundamental responsibility is to develop and implement actions in response to the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Advisory Group’s recommendations in each thematic area of focus. Read more about each of our working groups below.


The Curriculum working group focuses on the tools, process, and delivery of curriculum within the School of Public Health Sciences (SPHS). The working group has developed instructor tools and resources for incorporating EDI principles into course documentation by putting together an EDI course outline checklist, syllabus template and additional resources that instructors can use to incorporate EDI content into their courses. Moreover, the syllabus template encompasses survey questions for students to provide feedback to instructors regarding Health course content, teaching and workload as they pertain to EDI.

The working group is currently working on revising course outlines to be more EDI-centered by considering ableism and incorporating EDI content into existing core courses and scaffolding it across SPHS, as well as collaborating with Student Success Office (SSO) and Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE) to design and provide additional EDI training resources for the School of Public Health Sciences. Ongoing activities also include assisting instructors on incorporating issues of equity, diversity, inclusion, oppression and racism into curriculum, as well as enhancing curriculum to include different perspectives or ways of knowing about health.


The Communications working group focuses on how we share ideas and demonstrate accountability related to EDI. This working group was formed to oversee the preparation of internal and public communications regarding Task Force activities, recommendations and progress. They are responsible for developing content to share on the SPHS website and Faculty of Health social media platforms.

Safe spaces

The Safe Spaces working group is working to create an inclusive learning and working community that is safe and welcoming for all. The working group is developing safe space guidelines to faculty, staff and students to consider when leading and participating in a variety of interactions within our community, including within the classroom as well as research processes and administration. Additional activities include the development of a feedback system so that SPHS can continually respond to ideas and opportunities for enhancing our commitments to EDI, as well as opportunities for an inclusive mentorship program.

Faculty and staff engagement

The Faculty and Staff Engagement working group was formed to organize ways for faculty and staff to provide feedback and ideas.  This working group considers 3-levels of faculty/staff that need to be addressed: institutional-level, collegial or peer-level and student-level. Considering these levels, the working group is examining opportunities to enhance training, support and protection. This working group is also developing mechanisms for ongoing interactions among faculty and staff to ensure that their perspectives related to EDI are understood and addressed.