Resources for instructors to decolonize and indigenize teaching and learning

This resource list contains specific actions you can take to create more equitable and inclusive classrooms, courses, and learning experiences for our students. The ‘Additional Resources’ section includes other resources related to equity and more intensive educational opportunities.

This resource list was created by Student Engagement and Retention Specialist Madison Nichols and Associate Professor Shannon Majowicz, with support from Hossam Bakir and Satveer Dhillon, members of the School of Public Health Sciences Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Advisory Group.

Featured resource

Keele University: Keele Manifesto for Decolonising the Curriculum

Practically all academic disciplines have been influenced by a history of colonial thinking where Western attitudes have dominated academic narratives and practices. The “Keele Manifesto for Decolonising the Curriculum” explains exactly what it would mean to decolonise the university curriculum and what needs to be done to rethink, reframe, and reconstruct the curriculum.  It is highly recommended that you read through the manifesto and its numbered list for decolonising the curriculum before reading the rest of this document.

Additional resources