Nominate someone for teaching and supervision awards

Thank you for considering to nominate one of our instructors for the School of Public Health Sciences Teaching Award and/or Supervision Award.

The goal of these awards is to recognize and promote teaching excellence within the School of Public Health Sciences (SPHS). It will help us to recognize SPHS’ commitment to teaching and formally acknowledge the outstanding work of SPHS faculty who inspire our students.
The Teaching Award recognizes exceptional instructors teaching undergraduate and/or graduate courses in SPHS. They would have to show their commitment to students’ learning inside and outside of the classroom.
The Supervision Award recognizes instructors who dedicate their time to supervise and mentor undergraduate and graduate students. The overall aim of this award is to establish mentorship and supervision of students as a valuable form of teaching.
What is your current affiliation with the University of Waterloo?
Which award are you nominating this instructor for?
To be considered for this award, the instuctor must have done one or more of the following. Please check all that apply.