Health neuroscience and cognitive epidemiology researcher profiles

Peter Hall.

Peter Hall


Research interests: social neuroscience of primary prevention; health neuroscience; lifestyle behaviours and brain health; behaviour change

John Mielke

John G. Mielke

Associate Professor

Research interests: neurobiological embedding of adversity (e.g., poor nutrition, psychosocial stress), biological characteristics that influence outcome from brain injury

Mark Oremus.

Mark Oremus

Associate professor

Research interests: epidemiology, population and public health, chronic diseases, aging, dementia, caregiving, knowledge translation, systematic reviews, health economics, health policy

Suzanne Tyas

Suzanne Tyas

Associate Professor

Research interests: aging, Alzheimer’s disease, chronic diseases, cognitive reserve, dementia, epidemiology, healthy aging, multimorbidity.

Diane Williams

Diane Williams

Continuing Lecturer; Associate Director, Undergraduate Studies

Research interests: cellular and molecular biology of the inner ear, age-related hearing loss and prevention, neuroprotection, biocomplexity, systems approaches to studying health and disease