Danielle Fearon

PhD student, Public Health Sciences
Danielle Fearon


PhD Public Health Sciences


Dr. Chris Perlman

My thesis

My thesis focuses on individuals with traumatic life events who have been admitted to inpatient psychiatry in Ontario using interRAI mental health data from the Ontario Mental Health Reporting System. Focusing on these individuals with trauma, I’m interested in their clinical characteristics, and their behavioral patterns of substance use.

I am using statistical analyses to assess how healthcare resource utilization varies among this diverse population. The objectives of my thesis aim to support clinical decision-making and policy practices.

I embarked on this project because of my interests in mental health, access to health services, and applied statistical analysis. I was fascinated by how different forms of trauma influence health, and I enjoy learning through the meaningful results of this work.

One aspect of this project that I enjoy, is applying my interest of statistical methods to mental health data. Mental health is a crucial part of our well-being and intersects with a variety of disciplines such as public health and epidemiology. I was excited to explore patterns and trends related to mental health outcomes using large administrative data.

My thesis work has contributed significantly to my own learning by strengthening my knowledge of the Ontario Mental Health System, traumatic life events, and applied statistics. I hope to use the skills I have developed by continuing to assess health outcomes using population health data and contribute to the existing knowledge on mental health. I hope my thesis informs clinical care and policy practices on differential treatment approaches for individuals with co-occurring traumatic life events and substance use.

My time in the School of Public Health Sciences

I've really enjoyed my time in the School of Public Health Sciences! Prior to the PhD program, I completed my Master of Public Health and Master of Science degrees here as well. I find our department very supportive, friendly, and encouraging! We are given many opportunities to share our research, establish friendships, and learn from students and faculty. The collaborative and engaging environment has made this experience valuable.

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Current project: Applying a community-based mental health lens to Canadians access to mental healthcare in the context of COVID-19

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