Doris Winfield


Doris Winfield main body photo
Dr. Doris Winfield (MD, Health Studies '89) didn’t always know what she wanted to do with her career, but with the support of friends and professors who she met in Health Studies she found her fit by pursuing a career as a physician.

She chose medicine because of the challenges it would bring, along with long-term career stability. She has also enjoyed the flexibility within the profession – once part of a busy obstetrical-family practice, she has shifted her focus and is now a Long-Term Care physician, and serves as Medical Director for two nursing homes in the Waterloo region.  Although the work is challenging, it is also extremely rewarding. “The gratification and respect I get from patients and their families is what inspires me,” she explains.

The ability to work with and better understand the broad needs of patients was developed during her time as a student in the Health Studies program. Dr. Winfield credits her degree for providing a strong background for her chosen career. "Health Studies is a tremendous multi-disciplinary program that prepared me for the practice and the complexities of medicine."

Whether you have a career goal in mind, or are not sure where your studies will take you, the Health Studies program can provide a broad understanding of the issues that influence human health, and a skill-set that can open the door to many careers.

I enjoy helping people change their lives, and I am inspired by the gratification and respect I receive from my patients.