Gaby Sabados

Midwife, St. Jacobs Midwives

Gaby Sabados holding a bady (main body photo)
As a midwife, Gaby Sabados (Health Studies '99) requires a diverse set of skills. A strong clinical background is necessary in order to provide the best evidence-based care for clients, but she also requires the communication skills and the capacity to build relationships in order to become a trusted partner in care.

Midwives provide complete prenatal care. This means providing care from conception to delivery, and follow-up for mother and baby for 6 weeks after the birth. It can mean long hours and a lack of sleep, but for Gaby, watching people become parents, and receiving appreciation for the care she provides, makes a few sleepless nights more than worth it.

Her path to midwifery started in Health Studies. Gaby chose the program because she felt it was exactly what she needed. “I knew I was interested in human health, but didn’t know exactly what to pursue” she explains. “Health Studies was specific enough for the area of science I was interested in, but broad enough to let me explore different areas within it.”

This broad-based background prepared her for the midwifery program she pursued after graduation, and provided her with skills she uses today. In addition to her strengths in communications and problem solving, Gaby credits the program for providing her with a strong research background as well. “This is invaluable now as I am constantly reviewing studies and deciding if the conclusions are strong enough to merit a change in my current practices,” she explains.

Have a passion for human health but not yet sure about a career? The Health Studies program allows students to investigate a wide range of human health issues, and provides a diverse set of skills that will open the door to a range of rewarding fields.

It is a very satisfying job because most people truly appreciate the kind of care we provide.