Mikki Campbell

Strategic Initiatives Manager, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Finding a passionate purpose is key 

Mikki Campbell's world was turned upside-down when her father was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was a young child. What followed was an intense time for the family. With no MRI machine in their hometown of Sudbury, Ontario, Mikki's parents travelled to Ottawa to access the equipment that would help in the treatment of her dad's cancer.

As emotions, stress and patience rollercoastered for all four members of her family, it was the kindness of one radiation therapist that Mikki remembers. Each time her dad went for treatment, the radiation therapist always had a story, providing the humour and tenderness required to help steady him through the hours ahead. Later that year, just four months after diagnosis, her dad lost his battle with cancer and passed away. It was then that Mikki knew that she wanted to be a radiation therapist. It became a part of her passionate purpose in life. She was just seven years old. 

Mikki's family knew that having better access to the MRI machine would have drastically increased the quality of care that her dad received in those critical months.

Mikki Campbell

Her family started working towards improving access to care for other people who found themselves in similarly unthinkable situations. Mikki continues to help bring her family’s vision to life and it is this passion that drives her and has led her to where she is today. 

Sliding door moments shape life and impact 

Fast forward to adulthood and Mikki has taken advantage of opportunities and what she calls "sliding door moments" - seemingly inconsequential moments that change your trajectory - that have shaped her life. Now the Strategic Initiatives Manager at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, she is able to make an impact on health care, just as she had hoped as a child. Her portfolio encompasses the research, implementation and evaluation of novel radiation medicine technologies. She also works toward the development, delivery and evaluation of interprofessional continuing education. 

It was her practicum placement for her Master of Health Evaluation program that provided her with an opportunity to connect with a network of health-care professionals who also had an interest in sharing the value and opportunity of health-care evaluation.

This led directly to the projects that she's currently working on. The ability to see and capitalize on these opportunities has been one of Mikki's greatest strengths. "When I see an opportunity, I pause and think about: Where do I want to grow, what do I want to learn, who do I want to be and who do I want to collaborate with, connecting them back to my passionate purpose and then I will continue to move forward and I seize these opportunities."

"When I see an opportunity, I pause and think about: where do I want to grow, what do I want to learn, who do I want to be and who do I want to collaborate with, connecting them back to my passionate purpose and I will continue to move forward and I seize these opportunities."

Balancing family, study and a career 

Raising two young boys with her partner, working full-time and deciding to apply to a master's program might seem daunting to many people, but Mikki doesn't see it like that. Before deciding to jump into a master's program, she carefully considered why she might do it by listening to people around her. "I listen to the stories of the caregivers, family and patients that we serve; this gives me the inspiration and continues to give me the drive I need while balancing it all to make impactful change." The Master of Health Evaluation program presented all the opportunities that she needed at the time, the flexibility, delivery and relevant content.

Completion of this program has helped her grow in her professional and personal journey. Currently she is working to define knowledge, skills and best practices for how we use new and emerging technologies. By using evaluation to bridge the gap between health professionals' continuing education on new technology and patient care, she continues to help deliver safe and effective treatment for all.