Stephen McColl

Associate Professor Emeritus

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No longer supervising new students


BSc Genetics (1969, McGill University)

PhD Cellular and Developmental Biology (1976, Purdue University)

Teaching i​nterests

  • Environmental health
  • Occupational health
  • Health risk assessment
  • Health promotion and disease prevention

Research interests

  • Health effects of air pollution
  • Health effects of water pollution
  • Environmental health risk assessment
  • Cancer prevention
  • Sustainable Technology and Health
  • Risk communication

Major funding s​ources

Health Canada

Canadian Petroleum Products Institute (CPPI)

Selected publications

  • Gower, S.K., Hicks, J., Shortreed, J., Craig, L., McColl, R.S. (2008).Development of a Health Effects-Based Priority Ranking System for Air Emissions Reductions from Oil Refineries in Canada. J Toxicol Environmental Health Part A. 71: 81-85.
  • Gower, S.K., McColl, R.S. (2005). Development of the PEARLS Model (Particulate Exposure from Ambient to Regional Lung by Subgroup) and use of Monte-Carlo Simulation to Predict Internal Exposure to PM2.5 in Toronto. Risk Analysis 25 (2):301-315.
  • Shubair, M.M., McColl. R.S., Hanning, R.M. (2005). Mediterranean dietary components and body mass index in adults: The Peel Nutrition and Heart Health Survey. Chronic Diseases in Canada, 26(2,3): 43-51.
  • Jardine, C.G., Hrudey, S.R., Shortreed, J.H., Craig, L., Krewski, D., Furgal, C.,McColl, R.S. (2003). Risk Management Frameworks for Human Health and Environmental Risks. J. Toxicol Environ Health Part B, 6:569-641.
  • McColl R. S., Hicks J., and Craig L. Environmental Health Risk Assessment and Management -- A Primer for Canadians. (book) Network for Risk Assessment and Management (NERAM). Waterloo, ON. August 2000.
  • Tudor-Locke C. and R. S. McColl (2000). Factors Related to Variation in Premenopausal Bone Mineral Status: A Health Promotion Approach. Osteoporos Int 11(1): 1-24
  • Cassin M. H., A. M. Lammerding, R.S. McColl, et al. (1998). Quantitative risk assessment for Escherichia coli O157:H7 in ground beef hamburgers. Int J Food Microbiol 41(1): 21-44.

Selected professional activities and n​etworks