Zan Tao

BSc student, Health Sciences
Zan Thao.


BSc, Health Sciences

Study abroad

University College London (UCL), England

Why did you want to do a study abroad term?

Going on exchange, I honestly did not have any high expectations or plans. I just thought it would be nice to experience a new place that still uses English as the main language of communication, so I did not have to learn a new language as I studied in London.

What did you enjoy the most about studying abroad?

I love that my classes are chill and that the schedule is not as packed. The assessments at UCL are so sparse with fewer assignments weighing more. I use a lot of my free time to travel Europe. During the Fall 2023 term, I travelled to Italy, France, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland and Poland! The good thing about studying abroad here is that it is so convenient to travel and budget airlines offer affordable flights.

What did the process look like to do an exchange?

I applied in the second round and got matched into my second choice. After looking at their website for the courses I need, I realized that I couldn’t find any that matched my degree requirements, so I emailed the study abroad team and asked if they had any other openings and I saw UCL was on that list with one spot left!

What advice do you have for others who are thinking about doing an exchange?

I would advise anyone considering exchange to go for it! Deciding about going can be a tough decision to make, especially considering moving to a new place, getting familiar with the environment and having to meet people. I would say that this experience was life changing and it is difficult to explain in words that this means to me. Looking back 30 years from now, I know that I will never forget my time here and the things I learned and experienced will stick to me my entire life. The connections I will make in social, academic and professional fields will play an important role in shaping my future.

Collage of student hiking at sunset and London cityscape.