How do I view my term grades?

  1. Log in to Quest.
  2. Click My Academics.
    student's student center academics tab with arrow pointing to my academics link
  3. Select the desired term. Click CONTINUE.
    term selection with example term selection of spring 2016, arrow pointing to continue button
  4. The term's grade information and academic standing are displayed.
    sample official class grades for spring 2016, also displaying academic standing

    Note: If you're viewing your grades prior to the date when unofficial term grades begin to appear in Quest, you'll see your courses and the grades will be blank. After this date, grades begin to appear, are subject to change, and may be added until the date when grades become official.
    sample grades for in progress term (spring 2017 example) with blank grades and a WD for a dropped course
  5. If you receive an error message "Report Not Created—Negative Service Indicator Exists": A "hold" is a notice that may affect your use of Quest, or your interaction with the University. Review the How do I remove a hold from my account page for assistance.