Mass email communications

The Office of the Registrar sends information, important to a student's academic career, via mass emails to the undergraduate student population. In addition, we are responsible for the dissemination of mass email communications, to this targeted audience, from other areas of campus.

Generation of recipient lists

Each time a mass email is sent to the undergraduate student population by, or via, the Office of the Registrar, a new list is generated. This process ensures that, as student registration status changes throughout the term, students are removed/added to each new email communication as appropriate. Note: Every email is not treated equally and the intended audience, and thus recipient list, may differ per request or vary depending on the purpose of the email.

These email recipient lists are transitory University records and are deleted/destroyed as they are replaced.

Unsubscribe requests

Due to how recipient lists are generated (see above), it is not feasible to “unsubscribe” students from mass emails sent by, or via, the Office of the Registrar.

The exception to this rule is when a request to send a series of emails on the same topic (e.g., in the instance of a survey email that will be followed by two reminder emails): the initial recipient list is retained and updated accordingly for subsequent reminder emails.

Replies to the mailing list

All replies sent to the Registrar mailing list - used by other areas of the University to disseminate mass email communications to undergraduate students - will be discarded or rejected by the moderator. Student replies are not authorized to be sent out to the undergraduate population.