Cheating during a final exam

Cheating includes, but is not limited to, use of unauthorized aids, copying from another student's work or allowing another student to copy from them, submitting another person's work as their own, and/or fabrication of data.

Authorized items

  • Only those items authorized for use in the examination are to be on the desk:
    • bags, purses, knapsacks, etc., are to be closed and placed under the desk;
    • all hats or caps must be removed and placed under the desk;
    • wireless or electronic devices (e.g., cell phone, BlackBerry, earphones) must be turned off before the test or examination begins.

If a violation of academic regulations is believed to have occurred

  • Proctors are required to immediately collect all evidence.
  • Proctors will explain to the alleged offender that the status of their exam paper is in question.
  • Details of the incident will be noted and the course instructor will be informed.
  • A report will be forwarded to the student's Associate Dean for a Policy 71 investigation.


Where there are reasonable grounds for believing a violation of exam protocol has occurred, the Presiding Officer, Academic Proctor, or Course Instructor/Designate has authority to:

  • remove anything on the desk not authorized for use in the test or examination and keep it until the student has completed the test or examination and handed in the booklet, etc., as required. Evidence of cheating may include the collection of answer booklets, but in this event, the student must be provided with new booklets and be allowed to continue writing.
  • look into knapsacks, bags, purses, pencil cases, etc.; remove any "evidence" (this is to be done in the presence of the student and another Academic Proctor or Instructor/Designate); and return the knapsack, bag, purse, pencil case, etc., to be put under the student's desk. Note: If the student requires a copy of such evidence, a copy will be provided.
  • require the student to move to a seat where the student can be more easily monitored.
  • ask the student to provide "evidence" if it is believed that the student has hidden it on their person.