Degree verification for employers

To verify a University of Waterloo degree, please visit AuraData.

To improve our service to the community, the University of Waterloo has partnered with AuraData, a Canadian company specializing in secure online education verification. This partnership will streamline the process companies or academic institutions use to verify academic credentials and will free up time for Waterloo staff to effectively serve students. 

AuraData provides online risk prevention of résumé fraud and misrepresentation of post secondary education credentials. Subscribers to AuraData are able to confirm the post secondary education claims of prospective employees efficiently online, 24/7. Employers can now minimize the hiring risk associated with education fraud in the hiring process while Universities, Colleges and Professional Associations now have a method of protecting their product. Additionally, graduates are also protected from illicit use of their designations by less scrupulous job hunters. Confidentiality is a primary concern of the University of Waterloo and AuraData. A signed authorization from the graduate is required by AuraData before any information is released.

For degree verifications for the University of Waterloo, visit AuraData or call:

  • 1-416-406-0444 local and international,
  • 1-877-580-2872 (aura) North America.