Research Ethics System questions? Contact

Staff are available to address your questions regarding ethics clearance for research involving human participants by:

  • consulting and providing support during all stages of the application and review process,
  • developing and distributing educational materials, guidelines, procedural information, along with sample documents related to research with human participants,
  • helping to determine if your research is minimal risk and can be reviewed by a delegated reviewer or is greater than minimal risk requiring review by one of the two Research Ethics Committees,
  • arranging a guest lecturer for a course or to give a presentation on a topic related to research ethics, and
  • discussing the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans and how these guidelines apply to your proposed research, or pointing you to other resources if needed.

Vanessa Buote

Research Ethics Advisor, ext. 30321

  • advisor for:
    • Department of Psychology (clinical program, cognitive neuroscience program, developmental program, Centre for Mental Health Research and Treatment (CMHRT)
    • Department of Kinesiology
    • Faculty of Mathematics
    • Games Institute
    • Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging (RIA)
    • Survey Research Centre (SRC)

Joanna Eidse 

Research Ethics Advisor, ext. 37163

  • advisor for:
    • Department of Psychology (cognitive psychology program, industrial/organizational (I/O) program, social psychology program)
    • School of Public Health and Health Systems
    • Renison University College
    • St. Jerome's University
    • Conrad Grebel University College
    • St. Paul's University College
  • contact for studies being conducted in Waterloo region schools

Julie Joza

Director, Research Ethics, ext. 36005

  • contact for:
    • problems associated with human participant research (adverse events, protocol deviations, incidental/secondary findings)
    • agreements with Canadian or other institutions
    • overall operation of the Research Ethics office

Karen Pieters

Manager, Research Ethics, ext. 30495

Heather Root

Senior Manager, Research Ethics, ext. 30469

Erin Van Der Meulen

Research Ethics Advisor, ext. 37046

  • advisor for:
    • Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies
    • Faculty of Arts (excluding Psychology)
    • School of Pharmacy
    • Basillie School of International Affairs
    • Centre for International Governance Innovation
  • contact for research that will be partnering with Indigenous communities

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