Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Sustainability Management

Sustainability Management with a background of solar panels in the winter.

*Subject to final approval by the Quality Council

* Disclaimer Statement:
The University of Waterloo is now accepting applications for the proposed PhD degree program in Sustainability Management. Processing of these applications and admission of students will not occur until the program is approved by the Ontario Universities Council on Quality Assurance. The university will acknowledge and store applications, but will be unable to evaluate or act on them in any way until the program has been formally approved by the Quality Council. In the unlikely case that the program is not approved, the application fee will be refunded.


The Sustainability Management PhD program* is committed to providing future environmental leaders with the research skills, management tools, strategies and processes required to realize sustainable outcomes within business, government and third sector organizations.

The program contributes to the creation of academic knowledge by developing methods, systems, concepts, and tools for sustainability management. Students prepare for careers in areas such as academia, public policy and business analytics. This degree program normally takes four years to complete.

Admissions and Financing

  • A Master's degree in SEED or equivalent,
  • Minimum 80% or an A average in all graduate work,
  • Exceptional students may be allowed to enter the PhD program directly from the Master's program. Such students must have completed all Master of SEED (School of Environment, Enterprise and Development) requirements except the thesis, have demonstrated a superior academic record and satisfied other conditions (details of which can be obtained from the Director of the Program).
  • Faculty of Environment Dean's Doctoral Initiative (DDI)

See the tuition fee schedules.

*Prospective students are advised that offers of admission to a new program may be made only after the university’s own quality assurance processes have been completed and the Ontario Universities Council on Quality Assurance has approved the program.

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