Master of Environmental Studies (MES) in Sustainability Management

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The Sustainability Management (SUSM) graduate program is committed to providing future environmental leaders with the research skills, management tools, strategies and processes required to realize sustainable outcomes within business, government and third sector organizations.

The program contributes to the creation of academic knowledge by developing methods, systems, concepts, and tools for sustainability management. Students prepare for careers in areas such as academia, public policy and business analytics.

Admissions and Financing

To learn about the academic requirements for the SUSM program, refer to our application page

Review our funding page for information on tuition and both internal and external funding opportunities. 

Additional funding from the Faculty of Environment:

    From Sustainability Management Alumni:

    The SUSM program is a great interdisciplinary platform to launch oneself into the world of business, policy-making and advanced higher research.

    Anastasia Veeramani, SUSM graduate, 2015

    The staff were consistently supportive and always approachable.  The program is diverse with an international lens, which helped to expand my horizons both in and out of the classroom.

    Xiaoling Wang, SUSM's 1st Graduate, 2014

    Working hand-in-hand with your thesis advisor students of this program will begin the long journey of developing a masterful understanding of a specific sustainable issue and what innovative solutions there are to address them. 

    Reuben DeBoer, SUSM graduate, 2015

    Ultimately, the foundations developed through the Sustainability Management program helped me in further pursuing graduate studies through a PhD.

    Zachary Folger-Laronde, SUSM graduate, 2015; Current PhD student, ERS

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