Environment and Business students join forces with musician Jack Johnson on social marketing campaign

Friday, November 1, 2013

Jack Johnson and EB studentsA team of students from SEED's Environment and Business program has joined efforts with musician Jack Johnson to research and further develop All At Once, Johnson’s community-based, social action network.

Professor Jennifer Lynes, director of the Environment and Business program at Waterloo, is leading the collaboration with Johnson and his team to examine how his 2013 theatre tour is integrating community-based social marketing ideas with the musician’s All At Once network. 

“On this current tour we are partnering with over 75 community groups across Europe and North America through our All At Once network to support sustainable local food systems and plastic free initiatives,” said Jack Johnson, following a meeting with the Waterloo students at his Toronto show on September 28. “It is exciting for us to see these ideas resonating with music fans.  Working with non-profits to inspire positive change has become an integral part of our tours. We look forward to working with the students at the University of Waterloo to track the impacts of our initiatives.”

A group of upper-year students working on the project as part of a fourth-year capstone course. Professor Lynes has been researching social marketing and behaviour change for the past decade, with a particular interest in the relationship between music and the environment. Professor Lynes and doctoral student Stephanie Whitney were recently invited to present about Jack Johnson’s initiatives at the World Social Marketing Conference and Leading Social Change in Toronto.

“Jack Johnson and his team’s efforts to implement sustainability initiatives are unsurpassed in the music industry.  Not only are they trying to be as green as they can be on tour and in the production of his music, but, more importantly, they are making impressive efforts at trying to effect behaviour change amongst his fans by connecting them with local environmental non-profits, inspiring fans to take environmental action and incentivizing them with rewards,” said Professor Lynes. “We are delighted with this opportunity to have our students work with the Jack Johnson team on such an important initiative.”

During a Jack Johnson performance at Massey Hall in Toronto, Lynes’ student team had an opportunity to observe how the All At Once network is being promoted on Johnson’s 2013 From Here to Now to You World Tour.

On hand at the concert were three Toronto-based non-profits that fans could connect with including, Toronto Green Community, Foodshare Toronto and Lake Ontario Waterkeepers. Fans could also participate in the Capture Your Commitment campaign and make a public pledge to support sustainable local food and plastic free initiatives with their voice, choice and actions at the All At Once photo wall.

“As an Environment and Business student, the opportunity to work with a high-profile client with passion and drive to make the world a better place is something you only dream about for your final-year, eight-month project,” said Alexandra Ramos. “Aside from being a fantastic musician, Jack Johnson is truly a sustainability leader in the music industry and the All At Once campaign has the potential to be used as a template of sorts for other musicians to follow and use their celebrity status to change the world.”

More information about the All At Once network is available online.

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