Two of SEED's SUSM Master Students advance in CEC Youth Innovation Challenge

Monday, June 10, 2019

SUSM Masters Students; Noor-ur-Rahman Shaikh and Daniel Francisco Gonzalez, the Canadian winners of the 2019 CEC Youth Innovation Challenge advance forward to present their projects in Mexico City

Two of the School of Environment, Enterprise and Business SUSM Master's students; Noor-ur-Rahman Shaikh (supervisor: Professor Steve Young) and Daniel Francisco Gonzalez (supervisor: Professor Goretty Dias) are the 2019 national winners of the Comission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) Youth Innovation Challenge. Noor-ur-Rahman and Daniel will travel to Mexico City this month to present their project  "IXIM - Using your waste to create change!"  The project involved the creation of a 100% biodegradable and sustainable material alternative to bricks, allowing us to reinvision the "framework" of walls. 

IXIM Project Results

SUSM Masters students winners of 2019 CEC Youth Innovation Challenge

Dried corn husks for IXIM project 2019


About the CEC Youth Innovation ​​​​​​Challenge

Each year the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) facilitates the Youth Innovation Challenge. This competition encourages students and young innovators to share their ideas that could make a sustainable difference. The winning group from the three competing countries: Mexico, the United States and Canada travel to Mexico City this month to present their project to a panel of ten environmental officials.

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