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Dr. Jennifer Lynes is an associate professor. She is Chair of the non-profit organization Residential Energy Efficiency Program (REEP Green Solutions) and co-founder of the North American Sustainable Concerts Working Group.

With an educational background in both marketing and environmental studies, her expertise intersects business and the environment, where she focuses on investigating the marketing of sustainability. 

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Research interests

Her key areas of research include:

  • Marketing, including social marketing, community-based social marketing and green marketing
  • Residential energy conservation behaviour
  • Engaging youth in environmental issues
  • Green/social entrepreneurship and innovation

Current courses taught

  • ENBUS 102: Introduction to Environment and Business
  • ENBUS 309: Applied Social Marketing
  • ENBUS 630: Enterprise Strategies for Social Accountability

Current research focuses

Sustainability in the music industry

Prof. Lynes is co-founder of the Sustainable Concert Working Group whose mandate is to encourage music industry stakeholders to integrate sustainability initiatives into live music concerts. In partnership with researchers at the University of Queensland (Australia) and Queensland University of Technology (Australia), Lynes and her students work with music industry stakeholders such as Jack Johnson, Live Nation and Reverb, to understand and develop the business case for sustainability by removing barriers and increasing motivations for artists, venues and tour managers.  This research also investigates the effect of celebrity activism on fostering sustainable behaviour.   Students from the graduate and undergraduate programs in Environment & Business are actively working on research related to this topic.

Sustainable Fashion

Prof. Lynes has several students working on projects related to sustainable fashion – from what influences a consumer to purchase socially and environmentally-responsible clothes, to what happens to textiles when they are no longer needed (or wanted).  She recently guest edited a special issue on fashion with the Canada’s environmental magazine Alternatives Journal.

Youth Engagement

Lynes has been part of an international research project led by Prof. Manuel Riemer at Wilfrid Laurier University focused on developing a framework for youth engagement. Partners include researchers and non-profit organizations from Uganda, India, Bangladesh, Germany, the United Stated and Canada. Workshops were held in each of these countries using the engagement framework that was collaboratively developed by the research team.  Survey and interviews tools were used pre and post workshop to determine the impacts of the course on students’ level of engagement with environmental issues.  Lynes has previously worked with youth-based organizations such as Reduce the Juice to develop community-based social marketing initiatives aimed at fostering sustainable behaviour. She has also conducted research in partnership with the IESO (formerly the Ontario Power Authority) on teen attitudes and awareness of electricity and conservation issues. 

Relevant publications (selected)

  • Lynes, J. and Whitney, S., Murray, D.  2014. Developing benchmark criteria for assessing the effectiveness of community-based social marketing programs: a case study of Jack Johnson’s “All at Once” campaign, Journal of Social Marketing 4:2  (111-132). (Recipient of the Emerald Publishing Group Awards for Excellence – Highly Commended Paper).
  • Riemer, M., Lynes, J., and Hickman, G. 2013, A model for developing and assessing youth-based environmental engagement programmes, Environmental Education Research. DOI: 10.1080/13504622.2013.812721 (published online ahead of print).
  • Lynes, J. 2013. Scandinavian Airlines: The Green Engine Decision, Globally Responsible Leadership: Business According to the UN Global Compact, (eds.) J.T. Lawrence and P.W. Beamish. SAGE Publications.  (Note: this paper includes a teaching note and was first published as a case study for Ivey Publishing in 2009).
  • Cheng, T, Woon, D, Lynes, J. 2011. The use of message framing in the promotion of environmentally sustainable behaviors. Social Marketing Quarterly, 17:2 (48-62).
  • Lynes, J., Wismer, S & Andrachuk, M. 2011, ‘The role of education and
    training in entrepreneurship: Two Canadian stories’. Advancing Women in Leadership Journal. 31 (14-22). 
  • Gliedt, T.*, Parker, P. & Lynes, J. 2010. ‘Chapter 5: Strategic Partnerships and Green Community Entrepreneurship: The Case of Climate Change Partners and Resilience to Funding Cuts. In Why the Social Economy Matters, (ed.) J. Quarter. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 201-222. 
  • Lynes, J. 2009, The Green Engine Decision: A case study of Scandinavian Airlines, Ivey Publishing, University of Western Ontario. 9B09MO28. (11 page case study accompanied by a 14 page teaching note).
  • Lynes, J. & Andrachuk, M. 2008, ‘Motivations for corporate social and environmental responsibility: A case study of Scandinavian Airlines’, Journal of International Management, 14:4 (377-390). doi: 10.1016/jintman.2007.09.004.
  • Richardson, G. & Lynes, J. 2007, ‘Institutional motivations and barriers to the construction of green buildings on campus: a case study of the University of Waterloo, Ontario’, International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education 8:3 (339-354). (Recipient of the Emerald Literati Award- Highly Commended Paperr).
  • Lynes, J. & Dredge, D. 2006, ‘Going Green: Commitment to environmental management in the airline industry’, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 14:2 (116-138). 

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