Maha Abdelbaset

Project Manager


Maha Abdelbaset

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Research Interests:

  • Urban Policy
  • Urban Planning Codes (Form-Based Codes)
  • Urban Governance
  • Community-Led Research
  • Livability, Resilience, and Well-Being
  • Quality of Urban Life
  • Applied Research
  • Graphic Communication
  • 3D-Modeling


  • Impacts of Highly Glazed Tall Buildings on the Microclimate of Doha- Urban Heat Island causes and mitigation policies (International Postgraduate Research Conference 2013 (IPGRC2013))
  • Tall Buildings Legislation Impact on QOUL in Doha- towards Form-Based Codes. (International Postgraduate Research Conference 2013 (IPGRC2013))
  • Environmental Impact Assessment of New Districts Developments- Towards Better GSAS. (2nd International Conference on Environmental and Economic Impact on Sustainable Development, 2014)