Nicholas Palaschuk

PhD Student


Supervisor: Paul Parker

Number: (204)-981-9075

LinkedIn: Nicholas Palaschuk's LinkedIn

Research Interests

  • Organizational Behaviour and Culture Change
  • Corporate Sustainability and Business Model Innovation
  • The Future of Human Capital
  • Corporate Performance Implications of Employee Health and Well-being
  • Crisis Management and Organizational Resilience
Nicholas Palaschuk


  • Palaschuk, N., Gauthier, J., Bullock, R. (Submitted). Community-based criteria and values for sustaining non-timber forest products: A case study with the Missanabie Cree First Nation. International Forestry Review, pp. 16.
  • ElAlfy, A., Palaschuk, N., Wilson, J. (2020). Corporate Social Responsibility. Topic Review in Business and Administrative Sciences. Scholarly Community Encyclopedia, 11pp.
  • ElAlfy, A., Palaschuk, N., El-Bassiouny, D., Wilson, J., Weber, O. (2020). Scoping the evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility in a Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) World. Sustainability (Switzerland), 12(14), 5544.
  • Palaschuk, N., Dordi, T. (2019). Climate Activism and Corporate Sustainability in a Contemporary Climate Reality. Alternative's Journal. Alternative's Media, Canada. 11pp.
  • Palaschuk, N., Bullock, R. (2019). Achievements in Aboriginal forestry research: claims, evidence and opportunities. Small-scale Forestry, 18(2), 213-234.