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Victoria HindeDear SAF alumni,

This fall has been an exciting return to campus, where I have really enjoyed the opportunity to meet more of our students in person and meet more of our SAF alumni community either on campus or at university events. At the School, we welcomed a new director – although not new to the School, he is new to the role, Blake Phillips has been appointed the director of the School of Accounting and Finance.

With our Class Notes section launching after our last E-Newsletter issue, it was so fantastic to read some entries for this newsletter, please continue to share your exciting news and updates with the School and with the SAF community.

I would be delighted to have the opportunity to speak with you, to learn about what you have been doing since graduation and discuss how you may stay connected to the School of Accounting and Finance. Please contact me via email, at

As we wrap up this busy fall term and the year, I want to wish you all the best heading into 2023!

Kind regards,

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Victoria Hinde,

Alumni Development Officer 

Class Notes

Introducing the newsest section of our E-Newsletter – Class Notes! This section is an opportunity for us to hear directly from our alumni and share your exciting news - please send us a class note for our future newsletters whether you moved to a new city, started a new job, or did something adventurous, we would love to hear from you!

Abdibasid Nouh (BAFM'15)

Abdibasid NouhI am excited to start my new job as an Account and Finance officer at the Ministry of Finance Development Somliland, currently vocation at İRD.

Kevin Chuang (MAcc'18)

Kevin Chuang I recently visited SAF as MNP's campus ambassador at ACE Waterloo's Revive conference, and the UWAC competition as a judge. It was very nostalgic to visit the campus and experience the changes.

Nitish Sharma (BMath'14) 

Nitish SharmaI am excited to start my new position as Manager at the Queensland Investment Corp in NYC, leading North American transport investment efforts!

Alumni on the Move

Abdibasid Mahad Nouh (BAFM’15) Account and Finance Officer at Ministry of Finance Development

Herb To (BA’94) – Chief Financial Officer at Atturra

Jason Redman (MAcc’99) – Interim President and Chief Executive Officer at Medical Facilities Corporation

Mary Anne Lavallee (PDACC’05) – Chief Financial Officer and Chief Transformational Officer at Postmedia

Nitish Sharma (BMath’14) – Manager at Queensland Investment Corp

Vanna Krantz (BMath’91) – Chief Financial Officer at Grindr

Please forgive us if we have missed any of your milestones – we would be delighted to celebrate it in our next E-Newsletter. Submit a class note to keep us updated on any milestones you would like us to share!

Upcoming Events

12/8/2022 – Waterloo Region Chapter -Baking Spirits Bright (Online)

01/28/2023 – Fantastic Alumni Day 2023

06/15/2023  Convocation 2023