Experiencing Indonesia: Learning about landmarks and culture

Friday, July 21, 2023
by Aniket (AFM Student), Ansh (AFM Student), Kangan (AFM Student)

Since our introduction blog, the marketing and culture team has been hard at work searching for adventurous activities that we can take part in while exploring Indonesia.  It’s no secret that the country has a wide variety of exciting activities that allow for us to both take part in the deep-rooted culture as well as experience the breathtaking views that Indonesian nature has to offer. With a jam-packed schedule full of early mornings and late nights, the team is hoping to have some time on the weekends to kick back and relax. During this time, we plan to explore the Jakarta Aquarium and Safari, Ancol Dreamland (an amusement park) and cultural sites such as the Taman Mini “Indonesia Indah” and the Indonesia National Monument.

All that’s left now is to buy our tickets and secure a front-row seat to the beauty of Indonesia! After that, we will be looking to take on other challenges such as teaching our team the local language and social culture.

Additionally, we have worked hard to better understand Indonesian culture, so that we maintain a high-level of respect towards Indonesian citizens when we are in social settings. For example, when we are dining with guests who are graciously hosting us, we must wait to be invited to eat. The same concept applies to tea/coffee/water when it is served; we should wait for the host to consume their drink before we do. This is quite contrary to Canadian culture where we often begin eating once we get our own food. Finally, a huge aspect of Indonesia we are looking forward to experiencing, is the street food culture. The team is excited to taste delicious Indonesian food from some of the 56,000 street food vendors in Jakarta!

The marketing and culture team, alongside the social media team at the School of Accounting and Finance have been channeling our creative skills to ensure we share our experiences in AFM 334 with you. You can already find updates on the trip and our team members through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This includes each team’s introductory blogs, as well as the meet the team webpage to get to know our class better! In the weeks leading up to the trip, be sure to look out for more blogs, social media content, and Instagram takeovers which gives you the opportunity to ask us any questions. Stay tuned until then!

A group photo of Aniket, Ansh, and Kangan