The meals and logistics team for Vietnam share how to plan for an amazing trip

Thursday, July 27, 2023
by Donald (AFM student), Emily (Math/CPA student), Jacob (AFM student), Rebekah (Math/CPA student)

Our trip to Vietnam in August is fast approaching, and the meals and logistics team has been busy planning various components of the trip. As our schedule fills up with meetings, activities, and everything in-between, the trip is really starting to take shape. Although we are so excited, a considerable amount of thought, planning, and research must go into making sure everything runs smoothly.

Collage of the individual photos of Donald, Rebekah, Emily and Jacob
First off, we took several factors into account while booking hotels in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, such as location, budget, and safety. We found hotels within our budget that were located close to where we planned our activities – for Hanoi, we looked for hotels in Old Quarter, and for Ho Chi Minh City, District 1. Using Tripadvisor and Expedia to research hotels, we examined guest reviews and ratings to verify the credibility of hotels, noted their amenities and airport transportation options, and checked their room availability. Lastly, we narrowed down our top picks and emailed these hotels directly to work out booking and airport pickup details.

To ensure that our team is well-prepared for this journey, we've also curated a comprehensive packing list. From lightweight clothing suitable for the tropical climate, including breathable fabrics and comfortable shoes, to essentials such as sunscreen, insect repellent, and reusable water bottles, we've prioritized comfort and safety in our checklist. Cameras, journals, and travel adapters are also on the list, encouraging our peers to capture memories and stay connected. We've considered every detail, from appropriate attire for visiting temples to packing snacks for long bus rides, and we're confident that our careful preparation will make for an incredible and hassle-free adventure in Vietnam.

Another essential part of any trip is transportation. Getting from point A to point B, whether it be from airport to hotel or from a meeting to dinner, can be done using a variety of travel modes. In order to travel around safely and punctually, we needed to carefully research the routes, allocate the right amount of time, and choose the most appropriate mode of transportation. This proved to be its own learning experience given there are many factors impacting transportation, like weather, traffic, and rules of the road, all of which may differ in another country.

When planning for this trip, from booking hotels and creating packing lists to thoroughly researching transportation, our aim was to prevent logistical issues during the trip so that our time in Vietnam is enjoyable and stress-free. As the date for our trip draws closer, we are looking forward to the unforgettable experience of meeting industry professionals and immersing ourselves in Vietnamese culture.