Impact, Influence, and Inspiration!

Tuesday, June 15, 2021
by Inayat S. - High school student

Leadership skills learned at the DECA LDA event

Photo of Inayat
Hi everyone! My name is Inayat, and as a first-year DECA student at North Park Secondary School, I decided to take part in the DECA LDA Conference earlier this year! This conference was one of the best opportunities I’ve ever taken part in, as I was able to learn so much about not only leadership, but business in general.

Although the conference was held virtually this year, the presenters made it very engaging by including fun activities such as scavenger hunts! All the presenters were amazing and they answered the questions from students with ease. This conference changed my perspective on how I want my future to unfold because of the presenters. All five groups of presenters were so inspiring and they taught me how important leadership is, not only in a professional setting, but in everyday life.

Students are always looking for new and fun clubs and opportunities in high school, and I would definitely recommend participating in this conference if you have the chance. It's important to take part in these types of events because you can acquire knowledge about many different business and leadership concepts, not to mention it’s a great thing to put on your résumé or post-secondary applications. I was also able to communicate with many like-minded individuals that have similar goals as I do. For the most part, there weren’t any major technical issues, and everything went smoothly but it would be more fun if it was in person as I would’ve been able to meet more people. Hopefully by next year everything will be in person and I can have the chance to be a part of DECA LDA again!