My learning experience at DECA LDA

Monday, June 14, 2021
by Brandon F. - High school student

How DECA LDA opened my eyes to collaboration and accounting!

Hi everyone! My name is Brandon, and I am a student at Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Secondary School.

I’d like to share with you my experience from participating in this year’s DECA LDA conference as a delegate. This year’s DECA LDA Conference came with its perks, it was fun, rewarding, and was held virtually because of the pandemic. I personally believe that the amount of scheduling problems one would generally face tends to be significantly reduced when in a virtual setting. Furthermore, there was improved collaboration, especially with the access we had to a larger pool of industry experts. I would highly encourage other fellow students to be part of this experience so they can deeply explore their own academic and professional development.

The entire DECA LDA experience reinforced my understanding of how important meeting with peers can be – the power of sharing and learning new information with one another has been forgotten since the pandemic. Our peers are valuable resources for uncovering new ideas, sparking inspiration and understanding best practices sourced from their own experiences. Collaboration is the best way forward to bring new, fresh, and innovative learning practices to our academic pursuits and our overall experiences.

My favourite moment of the DECA LDA Conference was the ‘Future of CPA’ workshop. It gave me an in-depth insight about how accounting is an ever-growing industry, and how the CPA designation is a tool in your arsenal that provides you with several options including job security and the versatility of your choice of industry. Meeting virtually with the learned and experienced professionals in their fields helped me discover trends, innovations, and an upgraded approach to my learning practices.

To sum up my learning experience: 

“While I am stuck in isolation,

Keeping my distance and staying away,

Two things brightened my pandemic stay:

One was my XBOX Madden NFL gameplay and the other,

The fantastic learning through DECA!!”

I highly recommend joining the DECA LDA Conference as it is truly a unique experience with a very welcoming crowd, a crowd that is only interested in the development and success of your professional career!