Picking a Program

Monday, December 10, 2018
by Kyrie H., Grade 11 HS student blogger

UW's Arts Lecture Hall
They expect me to pick just one?

When I first began thinking about university, I thought I knew exactly which programs I wanted to apply for. Turns out I was wrong. Even though I did a lot of research, there are so many programs and so much information. It quickly became overwhelming and ended up confusing me even further. After going on tours around campus and talking to people at the University, my confusion lessened. I was attracted to the programs within the arts faculty: Honours Arts and Business (ARBUS), Honours Arts, and Accounting and Financial Management (AFM). I originally thought that I would go into ArtsBus because it gives me the opportunity to learn about English and business without the need for a double major. I’m now considering going into AFM, because the business experience has always intrigued me, as I’ve always had a fascination with accounting. When I began to delve further into my research I realized that there isn’t one set program for everyone, there are different pathways to explore, and it’s all a matter of finding a program that will allow you to thrive. For anyone like me who’s trying to figure out which program will fit, I suggest visiting the university if you can. Sign up for campus tours and ask questions. The university ambassadors were friendly and knowledgeable in helping me to learn more about university programs. If you can’t do that, call or email the university or program departments you’re interested in to get all your questions answered.