Choosing a program and courses

Monday, January 14, 2019
by Kyrie H., Grade 11 HS student blogger

Programs, courses, majors, oh my!

Kyrie with Porcellino
When I first started looking into university and university applications, I did not know the difference between programs and courses. I thought they were the same thing or similar to school subjects. I originally thought that programs are like high school subjects, for example taking Shakespeare in English class. When I first started looking at university programs, I was feeling unsure of what to do until it was explained to me. A "program" or "entry program" is what you apply to, for example, Honours Arts. "Courses" are the classes you take for your program, and a major or minor is a group of courses of the same subject. There are entry programs, a system of study, majors, minors, specializations, options, and required degree courses. So, for me, the entry programs that I would be applying into would be Honours Arts and Business (ARTSBUS) or Accounting and Financial Management (AFM). My system of study would be either regular or co-op for ARTSBUS and AFM is co-op only, so there is not a regular option to choose from. In ARTSBUS, I can select a major, which would be English, and a specialization in literature and rhetoric. In AFM, my major is already predetermined which is accounting and finance. Most programs require that you complete a total of 40 courses over four years of study. When explained, it is a fairly simple system that now makes a lot of sense for someone like me, who is new to looking into university and has not fully delved into the post-secondary world. My tip for you? Make sure you ask questions and understand what programs you are looking at!