Fellowship Cafe - Bolstering the Honouree Relationship

What’s up, Warriors! My name is Vishnu, I’m a first-year student in Accounting and Financial Management (AFM) and I’d love to share some insight into the opportunities and experiences you stand to gain as part of the Fellowship Program.

VishnuThe opportunity to become a Fellow was the driving factor in accepting my offer for AFM. With that being said, let’s talk about the benefits of becoming a Fellow, from expanding your network to gaining exclusive opportunities to apply your learning and taking on leadership roles.

Let’s begin with the best aspect of being a Fellow: being paired with an Honouree – a distinguished School of Accounting and Finance (SAF) alumna/alumnus. Over your four years, you will build a relationship with your Honouree, who your Fellowship is named after. Through the first formal meeting in November, the Fellowship Café, I had the pleasure of connecting with my Honouree, Anna Zuo, a Program Manager for Amazon based out of Seattle. As I progress further in my undergraduate studies and begin to explore the vast career opportunities available for me through my co-op placements, I plan to leverage Anna’s advice and support to make the most of my experiences.

The most exciting aspect of the pairing is all that I can learn from Anna. As someone who aims to explore the United States in the future, I can follow her footsteps. Furthermore, Anna’s career pathway in accounting is intriguing and non-traditional, having worked with High-Net-Worth Individuals. Pairing up with my Honouree has given me the courage to expand my horizons and gain experiences on the unorthodox side of the field of accounting and finance to truly have fun with my career!

As you can tell, being a member of the Fellowship Program has played a large role in enriching my education through providing leadership training and enabling me to build my network! Although we have been limited to remote interactions, the Fellowship Program played a vital role in helping me integrate, be it virtually, at Waterloo. I am grateful for the supportive faculty and peers who have welcomed me with open arms as I set out upon the journey of growth and lifelong learning as a Waterloo Warrior!

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