Introducing the meals and logistics team for the upcoming International Studies Trip to Singapore

Thursday, January 26, 2023
by the meals and logistics team

Hi all! We are the meal and logstics team for the Winter 2023 International Study Trip. Our team consists of Coco, Irene, Melissa, and Samantha. As part of the meal and logistics team, our primary objective is to ensure that the trip operates smoothly and safely as we travel across Singapore. Our roles can be grouped into two core sections: (1) organize the trip schedule (2) lead the students throughout Singapore once we arrive! 

1. What’s your favourite part about being on the meals and logistics team? 

Coco, studies Accounting and Financial Management (AFM): 

Coco smiling at the camera

I am excited to be a part of this team for a multitude of reasons. I look forward to planning and organizing our trip so that we can enjoy our recreational activities, and make the most of this special opportunity to meet with and learn from industry leaders. My favourite part about being on this team probably has to be working with everyone to plan our meals! For such a small country, Singapore has an amazing and diverse food culture, pulling influences from various Asian cuisines to make it uniquely Singaporean. I look forward to introducing some of my favourite foods to everyone on the team, going to must-try Singaporean restaurants and cafes, visiting (and, of course, eating at) hawker centres, and creating new and insightful experiences with everyone on the trip! 

Melissa, studies AFM: 

Melissa holding up a peace sign in a busy buildingI look forward to coming up with the most efficient way to spend our precious time in transit and eating meals while ensuring we are never late for our meetings! I am also thrilled to recommend different cafes and restaurants that I’ve been dying to try or have tried on my previous trips to Singapore. Overall, I am just so excited to experience this once-in-a-lifetime trip with the class, meeting business leaders in Singapore!

2. What skills are you learning and what are you looking forward to in AFM 334? 

Sam, studies Mathematics/Chartered Professional Accountancy (Mathematics/CPA): 

Sam giving a thumbs up while holding an iced coffee Being on the team creates an amazing opportunity to develop my attention to detail and leadership skills. Since we are responsible for developing a thorough trip schedule, it is important to consider many details to ensure a smooth trip; such as travel time, transportation alternatives and timing, and contingency plans. Additionally, my leadership skills are enhanced as we are responsible for organizing and executing meeting agendas to incorporate all team activities and successfully leading students throughout Singapore. I look forward to experiencing the ins and outs of businesses from various industries in a new environment and witnessing the schedule we built come to life!

Irene, studies AFM: 

Irene smiling in a hoodie standing in a snowy urban area.As a member of the team, I am able to hone my communication and organizational skills. From leading our class meetings before the trip to guiding everyone to have a seamless experience in Singapore, it is essential to plan every small detail carefully. Through coordinating our work with the marketing and culture team as well as the corporate relations team, I have also had the opportunity to communicate across different teams. I am looking forward to connecting with business executives in Singapore during our last week of class! 

3. Can you provide an inside look at the roles and responsibilities as a member of the meals and logistics team? 

As members of the meals and logistics team, our primary responsibility is to develop the trip schedule. Many considerations and details must go into the schedule to ensure the trip is smooth sailing. This can be categorized into three sections: meals, transportation, and meetings and attractions.  

  • Planning meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Since our goal is to optimize our schedule, we consider the location of the restaurant, distance from the previous location, and our next destination. We are responsible for understanding the different cuisines we can enjoy to maximize our time in Singapore and make the reservations to fit into our jam-packed schedule.  

  • During the trip, we will be travelling throughout Singapore, so a carefully thought-out transportation schedule is key! What is the departure time? How long will the trip take? When is the estimated arrival time? Is there public transportation with bulk passes? Do we have enough time to buffer for delays? Many questions are considered when timing out our every move!  

  • With every journey, we have a destination! Our roles intertwine with the corporate relations team to ensure there is synergy between corporate meetings, meals and transportation times. We also work with the marketing and culture team to ensure our adventures across Singapore go off without  a hitch!