Opening myself up to new opportunities

Question: How has being a Fellow and the extra connection you have with your Honouree helped you transition to an online learning environment successfully?

Answer: When starting my online term this past September, I had many questions. Through the connection with my Honouree, I was able to ask questions and clarify my doubts. I had questions related to the overall structure of the online system, the textbooks, the assessments, and other concerns. He was able to help me and he provided responses with a lot of important details. This made me feel confident with my preparation I had going into my 1A term. This increased my self-confidence as I knew if I had any trouble, I could always ask my Honouree and he would be able to help me. He also gave good tips on organization and how to use resources to be successful in the online environment. He showed me how he took notes and how I can structure my weeks so I can use my time wisely. Time management was greatly stressed by my Honouree and I have tried my best to maintain focus and consistency throughout the term. 


I also had a goal to join clubs for which I then asked him to critique my résumé and he helped me improve the format. This connection also helped me as it allowed me to understand how university life works differently and the things I needed to change in my routine. Some of my high school habits were not going to work in university and so, I used his guidance to build a better working plan. He gave me good advice on how to structure my days and advised me to use the resources provided by professors. He gave me an overview of what would happen throughout the term and I was able to open myself to new opportunities.

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