Emerging Technologies Faculty

Efrim Boritz

Professor, CPA Ontario Chair in Accounting and Director, Centre for Information Integrity and Information Systems Assurance
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519-888-4567 x45774
Location: HH 289H
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W. Alec Cram

Associate Professor, Emerging Technologies: J. Page R. Wadsworth Junior Chair in Accounting and Finance
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519-888-4567 x48060
Location: HH 289G
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Sepideh Ebrahimi

Assistant Professor, Emerging Technologies
Sepideh Ebrahmi
519-888-4567 x41893
Location: HH 386C
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Keehyung Kim

Assistant Professor, Emerging Technologies
Location: HH 386C
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Haaris Mian

Lecturer, Emerging Technologies
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Location: HH 383F

Laila Rohani

Lecturer, Emerging Technologies
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519-888-4567 x49277
Location: HH 386A

Theo Stratopoulos

PwC Professor, Emerging Technologies
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519-888-4567 x45943
Location: HH 289K
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