Young Tax Professionals

The University of Waterloo School of Accounting and Finance has over 250 students in our BAFM, Math/CPA and Biotech/CPA programs who will complete three tax courses as part of their undergraduate degree.  In May 2014 we asked students who had an interest in a career in tax and were in their second tax course, to apply to be part of our Young Tax Professionals (YTP) team.  Twenty of those applicants were selected. In the fall, we will include some of our fourth-year students in this team as well.

Our objective is to offer very good students who are interested in a career in taxation the opportunity to closely interact with faculty, alumni and other full-time tax professionals to gain a deeper understanding of career options, develop some key skills needed for tax practice, and learn about current issues and specialty areas within the field.  We also want to encourage employers to view our YTP program as the place to come for their tax recruiting needs.

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