Science and Business Ambassador Team.

The Science and Business Ambassadors (SBAT) is a student-run organization that is dedicated to supporting Science and Business students through the provision of information, resources, and mentorship. Working in association with the Science and Business Resource Centre, SBAT volunteers hail from all three Science and Business programs (Science & Business, Biotechnology/Chartered Accountancy, and Biotech/Economics) and are composed of students from various years of undergraduate study.

It is our goal to become the first point-of-contact for all Science and Business students and act as a student resource for academics, co-op, network building, and campus life. Since our foundation in September 2005, we have worked to build strong connections among all Science and Business students, regardless of program specialization or year of study. Furthermore, we are committed to creating networking opportunities and strengthening relationships between prospective students, current students, and Science and Business student alumni.

For updates about the SBAT team and scheduled events throughout the year, like our Facebook page: SciBus Ambassadors!

You can also follow us on Twitter with the handle @uwSBAT, and be sure to check out our Snapchat feed: uwsbat. We look forward to hearing from you!

Meet the 2018-2019 Science and Business Ambassador Team

 I once pitched a company in a SCBUS class with a rap Academics, available resources, resume critiques/mock interviews and past co-op experiences. Fun Fact: I am a dancer

 I grew up in the country Saudi Arabia for 18 years and never learnt to speak Arabic. I love swimming but I don't like getting into or out of water which makes life difficult.

 Communitech and other startup/innovative job cultures, communication roles, getting involved in clubs outside of Science. Fun Fact: I am from a town so small there is no population on the sign! (We estimate ~100 people). I love food! I got the worst parking award at my high school graduation.Amhar Hira Operations Executive 4A Biotechnology/Economics Ask Me About: Programs at Loo, co-op and courses to take. Fun Fact: I like to swim. I love photography and pizza. I did Indian classical dancing for over 10 years!Ibrahim Elzagheid Mentorship Executive 2A Biotechnology/Economics Ask Me About: Anything and everything; if I can't answer it, I can redirect you to someone who will. Fun Fact: I don't like eating. I like breakdancing and taking naps. I use Spotify as a social media I bought myself a yellow ukulele without any knowledge of how to play it because I am weirdly obsessed with yellow and have a vague musical talent. I have 27 first cousins. I love Japanese anime and I can speak Mandarin

 I had a very short modelling career when I was in high school I was on a game show that aired on YTV.

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