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Science and Business Ambassador Team.

The Science and Business Ambassadors (SBAT) is a student-run organization that is dedicated to supporting Science and Business students through the provision of information, resources, and mentorship. Working in association with the Science and Business Resource Centre, SBAT volunteers hail from all three Science and Business programs (Science & Business, Biotechnology/Chartered Accountancy, and Biotech/Economics) and are composed of students from various years of undergraduate study.

It is our goal to become the first point-of-contact for all Science and Business students and act as a student resource for academics, co-op, network building, and campus life. Since our foundation in September 2005, we have worked to build strong connections among all Science and Business students, regardless of program specialization or year of study. Furthermore, we are committed to creating networking opportunities and strengthening relationships between prospective students, current students, and Science and Business student alumni.

For updates about the SBAT team and scheduled events throughout the year, like our Facebook page: SciBus Ambassadors!

You can also follow us on Twitter with the handle @uwSBAT, and be sure to check out our Snapchat feed: uwsbat. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Science and Business Ambassadors Team: Ask them about their speech bubble

William Yang. Ask me about intramurals.William Yan

William loves exploring and is actively pursuing his semi-pro hockey career. Ask him about intramurals on campus!

Michelle Liu. Ask me about food deals.Michelle Liu

Michelle enjoys sketching and sightseeing. Ask her about getting involved in the SciBus community!

Ashley Duffy. Ask me about course selection.Ashley Duffy

Ashley enjoys learning new skills and exploring new places. Ask her about course selections!

Chloe Beaini. Ask me about school clubs.Chloe Beaini

Chloe loves corgis and playing tennis. Ask her about school clubs!

Munin Kim. Ask me about, entrepreneurship, and Cambodia.Munin Kim

Munin lives to love, learn and explore! Ask him about TEDxUW, Entrepreneurship on-campus, and/or Cambodia!

Kyle Chan. Ask me about first year tips.Kyle Chan

Kyle enjoys travelling and is a huge aviation enthusiast. Ask him about university tips!

Monique Seymour. Ask me about biotechnology.Monique Seymour

Monique enjoys all things sports and is a Harry Potter fanatic. Ask her about the biotechnology specialization at Hogwarts!

Wendy Hyunh. Ask me about electives.Wendy Hyunh

Wendy enjoys the great outdoors and cooking up a storm. Ask her about course electives!

Sabrina Trani. Ask me about co-op.Sabrina Trani

Sabrina enjoys baking and travelling to new places. Ask her about the co-op process!

Trashvi Duggal. Ask me about Jobmine.Trashvi Duggal

Trashvi loves to travel and explore new cities with a passion for adventure sports. Ask me about Jobmine and tips about creating resumes!

Matthew Dragon. Ask me about study tips.Matthew Dragon

Matt loves to learn new things and make new friends. Ask me about study tips and things to do in Waterloo!

Kevin Dayno. Ask me about getting involved.Kevin Dayno

Kevin loves learning new things and is a health and fitness enthusiast. Ask him about getting involved at UWaterloo!

Julia​ Podrebarac. Ask me about biotech/CPA.Julia Podrebarac

Julia loves to run and is a Netflix enthusiast. Ask her about the Biotech/CPA program!

Anika Mehta. Ask me about international co-ops.Anika Mehta

Anika loves travelling and is proud to be an Ottawa Senators fan! Ask her about international co-ops and moving far away from home!

Yasmin Zaimi. Ask me about resumes.Yasmin Zaimi

Yasmin believes in living in the present and diving in the past-a! Ask her about formulating a successful resume!

Vinita Dhir. Ask me about co-op.Vinita Dhir

Vinita has a passion for travelling and baking! Ask her about co-op opportunities in research!

Azraa Zoomerwalla. Ask me about co-op.Azraa Zoomerwalla

Azraa loves cats, dogs and adventure sports! Ask her about co-op and being successful in the workplace!

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