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The Science and Business Ambassadors (SBAT) is a student-run organization that is dedicated to supporting Science and Business students through the provision of information, resources, and mentorship. Working in association with the Science and Business Resource Centre, SBAT volunteers hail from all three Science and Business programs (Science & Business, Biotechnology/Chartered Accountancy, and Biotech/Economics) and are composed of students from various years of undergraduate study.

It is our goal to become the first point-of-contact for all Science and Business students and act as a student resource for academics, co-op, network building, and campus life. Since our foundation in September 2005, we have worked to build strong connections among all Science and Business students, regardless of program specialization or year of study. Furthermore, we are committed to creating networking opportunities and strengthening relationships between prospective students, current students, and Science and Business student alumni.

For updates about the SBAT team and scheduled events throughout the year, like our Facebook page: SciBus Ambassadors!

You can also follow us on Twitter with the handle @uwSBAT, and be sure to check out our Snapchat feed: uwsbat. We look forward to hearing from you!

Meet the 2017-2018 Science and Business Ambassador Team

Chloe Beaini. Co-lead. 3A Science and Business/Biotechnology. Fun fact: Ice cream and corgis are happiness. Ask me about Resume writing tips, and succeeding in your co-op.

Eartha Phorson. Co-lead. 2B Science and Business/Biology. Fun fact: I grew up on a farm and LOVE pizza. Ask me about Extracurriculars & Clubs, high school/university transitioning.

Spencer Charles. Operations Lead. 4A Science and Business/biology. Fun fact: I've lived and worked in 4 cities across 2 continents; I play on the Varsity Soccer team. Ask me about co-op (here and abroad), Life - if I can help, I will, classes.

Michelle Tam. Operations executive - alumni event. 3B Science and business/unspecialized. Fun fact: scared of heights but also a thrill seeker (it works out, trust). Ask me about getting involved with orientation, tech and healthcare co-ops, volunteering abroad, extracurriculars, dragon boat, travelling.

Josh Bauman. Operations Executive. 4A Science and business/biochemistry. Fun fact: Competitive Hearthstone player, grew up in Waterloo. Ask me about course selection, food industry, co-op skills.

Caroline Spizzirri. Operations executive. 3A science and business/biology. Fun fact: I can recite every word of the Broadway musical, Hamilton. Ask me about the best food places on or near campus, first year hacks, volunteering.

Matt Dragon. Operations executive. 3B Science and business/biotechnology. Fun fact: I have a collection of stones from cool places I've been. I'm fluent in Polish and can recite any Disney song at will. Ask me about getting to know your Prof., effective study habits, resume critique, course selection, WaterlooWorks, interview skills.

Timisha Romain. Operations executive. 3B biotechnology/economics. Funfact: I've snorkeled in the world's second largest barrier reef. Ask me about getting involved on campus, Biotech/econ, Co-op.

Evelyn Liu. Operations executive. 2A biotechnology/economics. Fun fact: I'm naturally really flexible. I can do the splits and other ballet/yoga steches really well. Ask me about IB transfer credits. Residence life, biotech/econ.

Sylvia Phan. Operations executive. 2B/3A Science and business/chemistry. Fun fact: Kashif thought my name was Phyllis. Ask me about intramurals, chemistry, anything your heart desires.

Scott Rochon. Marketing Team Lead (Fall)/Marketing Executive (Winter). 3B Science and Business/Earth Science. Fun fact: I'm a big Ottawa Senators fan, and my guilty pleasure is Game of Thrones. Ask me about UWaterloo Clubs, Earth Science, Co-op.

Tom Andrusko. Marketing executive (Fall)/ Marketing team lead (Winter). 2A Science and business/non-specialized. Fun fact: I currently hold the longest hula hooping record in Milton, Ontario. Ask me about SCBUS presentation tips, how to deal with stress, interviewing tips.

Kyle Chan. Marketing executive. 3A Science and business/non-specialized. Fun fact: logo champion - I can identify any corporate logo I see. Ask me about resume critiques, mock interviews, co-op.

Vivian Nguyen. Marketing executive. 2A Science and Business/biology. Fun fact: I play the ukulele, trumpet, and guitar. Ask me about getting involved in the UW community, travelling solo.

Yasmin Zaimi. Mentorship lead. 4A Science and business/biotechnology. Fun fact: the world's largest rubber duck once sat just outside of my room's window. Ask me about finding a summer job, getting involved on campus, Co-op, SQL.

Maddie McKinnon. Mentorship executive. 3B Science and Business/biology. Fun fact: I once waited 7 hours in line to be in the front of a Mumford and Sons concert, and I played rep hockey for 13 years. Ask me about volunteering in a Professor's lab on campus, International exchanges, getting science jobs.

David Phillips. Mentorship Executive. 3A Science and Business/biotechnology. Fun fact: I once completed a Tough Mudder race. Ask me about Being an Orientation leader, Biotechnology, Intramurals, exercising.

Monique Seymour. Finance Lead. 4A Science and business/biotechnology. Fun fact: I've gone skydiving and plan on getting my skydiving licence. Ask me about Game of Thrones theories, where to get food other than Timmies, how to better balance life and school, co-op.

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