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The Science Undergraduate Office supports all first-year students as well as students in Honours Science and General Science. If you are in a departmental program, you will have different advisors who are available for course consultation and guidance after first year.

Undergraduate program advisors are here to help you manoeuvre your way through your undergraduate career at the University of Waterloo. They can provide course advice, help you plan your future terms and also help you prepare for life after graduation. They are also very aware of other resources to help you become as academically successful as you want to be. 

First year students - Science Undergraduate Office


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Science Advisors - General Inquiries * 35244 STC 2031
Luke Balch 36387 STC 2018
Priscila Carrara 36939 STC 2031
Maryann Gaspic 31308 STC 2031
Lori Labelle 30606 STC 2031
Melinda Meng** 30471 STC 2031
Stephen Woods 32064 STC 2031

* Although we can usually respond to email and voice messages relatively quickly, a response time between 24 and 48 hours is not unusual. Please do not send repeat email and voice messages. We will return your query as soon as possible. Also note that response times can be longer during the beginning of each term.

** Primary contact for University and College transfer students after admission and registration at Waterloo.

Upper-year (2nd year and above) students